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Who Are We?

Catalyst Balkans is a regional foundation that provides philanthropy data, resources and know-how to nonprofits and socially responsible companies. We help donors and fundraisers to do more good in their communities.

Now we are looking for two Fundraising Services Coordinators with both skills and passion to join our Fundraising Hub.

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Catalyst Balkans is a regional nonprofit that provides data and tech for other nonprofits and companies to help them do more good in their communities.

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SIGNS of Solidarity and Solutions is a regional two-day event organized by SIGN  as a closing ceremony of three-year long project funded by the European Commission, Balkan Trust for Democracy, Balkan Civil Society Development Network and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

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The global pandemic has created a new reality and numerous challenges for all segments of society. In such circumstances, the key question is how to inspire companies and citizens to strategically contribute to the common good. The answer lies in new types of cooperation and communication channels, use of new technologies, improvement of the environment for giving in Serbia, digitalization of philanthropy through the prism of new opportunities for initiating and implementing philanthropic initiatives, as pointed out at the National Conference on Philanthropy: New Reality - New Opportunity, organized by the Trag Foundation, with the support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), within Framework for Giving project.

At tomorrow's closing of the National Conference on Philanthropy, on November 5, the director of the Catalyst Balkans Foundation, Nathan Koeshall, will also speak in his closing remarks. The broadcast can be followed live via this link, and simultaneous translation of the program into English, as well as translation into sign language, are provided throughout the event,

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Catalyst Balkans is a regional nonprofit that provides data, research, tech, and advice for other nonprofits and companies to do more good in their communities.

With our research on philanthropy in Serbia and throughout the Western Balkans, donors, recipients, beneficiaries, decision-makers, and citizens are able to improve their understanding of the status of and trends in philanthropic giving in their countries. Information on giving increases knowledge on who is giving, for which purposes, to whom and for whom.  It also serves as a support to evidence-based advocacy for a better legal and fiscal framework. Catalyst’s philanthropy research is the most comprehensive source of information on giving in Western Balkans and is used by global, regional, and national actors and networks that report on philanthropic giving.

With our tools – Giving Balkans philanthropy insights app, CiviCatalyst community relationship management platform, crowdfunding platform, and, a nonprofit transparency platform – we help nonprofits and CSR departments make better decisions and have a greater social impact in their communities.

Now we are looking for an Accounting and Compliance Coordinator with both the skills and passion to join our team.

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The end of the current pandemic is not yet in sight, and the news about the Covid-19 virus has become a part of our everyday life.

However, it is essential to talk about good causes that accompany the current crisis and respond to the needs of health institutions, artists and musicians, who also feel the consequences of the current situation.

Find out which social and corporate actions aimed at fighting the Covid-19 virus have taken place recently.

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