SIGNS of Solidarity and Solutions is a regional two-day event organized by SIGN  as a closing ceremony of three-year long project funded by the European Commission, Balkan Trust for Democracy, Balkan Civil Society Development Network and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

The aim of the conference is to educate, inform and inspire on philanthropy by shading a light on solidarity and resilience in the time of crisis. Although it is envisioned as a unique moment of celebration, it will also serve as a road map for various actors in the field. The conference will bring together inspirational speeches given by well-known philanthropists from the region and panel discussions tailored to provoke regional dialog and exchange on specific topics relevant for building a conducive environment for philanthropic engagement while the closing ceremony is reserved for the First Regional Philanthropy Award.

As a distinctive regional event, the conference will offer unique perspective on different experiences of solidarity and community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia, shared by the media representatives, business sector, corporate philanthropy foundations, civil society organizations, grassroot community organizations and outstanding individual philanthropists. The vibrant panel discussions will take place across six panels: “Everyone Can Be a Philanthropist”, “The Power of Caring and Giving”, “Good (in the) News”, “Why Philanthropy Forums Matter”, “Corporate Foundations as Partnership Brokers”, “Philanthropy and Businesses – The Competitive Advantages of Strategic Philanthropy” and “The Role of Philanthropy in Building Viable and Resilient CSOs”.

Adapting to new normal, the event is a hybrid gathering with broadcasted live program from a studio in Sarajevo (Hotel Hills, Butmirska cesta 18, Ilidža) that will host up to 40 participants, while the rest of participants will be joining us online through virtual platform.

Please join us by registering for the event no later than 15th of November 2021 via this link.