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Giving Balkans
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Data empowering social good.


Kindness is all around us. People do good every day.

But floating around in the sea of information, these good deeds are sometimes overlooked. Our team records them, and shares them with you. We believe that this data has the power to develop and change the society, and drive social good. We have been collecting the data for more than 4 years. Now we are presenting it to you - so we can develop the nonprofit community and build a sustainable philanthropic ecosystem together.
Giving Balkans. Here’s how.
Since January 2015 we have recorded


EUR value of donations






recipient entities

Giving Balkans is a unique database on philanthropy in the Western Balkans. We are here because we believe in the good done by both donors and recipients and that is why we track and record individual, mass, corporate, private foundation and diaspora giving. By using this data, together we will get a bigger picture of the culture of giving in the region, and you can use that to make new plans for your community
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Everything begins with the good that people do. We want to multiply it in our society.
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By sharing data we create a community and new knowledge that everyone can benefit from.
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We build trust and stronger relationships between donors, beneficiary institutions and the public.
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Precise data means new opportunities, smarter decisions and accomplishment of your mission.
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You can’t change the world on your own. Find allies who share your vision.
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Get a bigger picture of philanthropy in your community and explore your niche.
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Make customized reports with the data that will help you make better decisions.


Dive into the data and understand it better with our interactive visualizations.


We will do a thorough programmatic and financial analysis and propose a strategy for you.

What data is available?

Giving Balkans provides key information on who donates, to whom, how much; why, where and when donations happen. All the data can be searched, filtered and compared by:
  • Donor
  • Recipient
  • Amount
  • Cause
  • Location
  • Time

Who is this database designed for?

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Whether you are an individual or an organization, raising or donating funds, or if you just want to check the state of philanthropy in the region, we are here for you.


For all nonprofits and individual fundraisers, Giving Balkans is an essential tool that will help you make better decisions and strategies.


As a donor, you want to be sure that your donation will be used in the most efficient way for the purpose that matters to you.


In the era of innovation, there are many unexplored opportunities for social responsibility. Giving Balkans helps your company decide how to make the biggest impact.


Want to write a story about the social good done in the region? This is your main source of information. And we'll prepare the infographics you need.


Writing a paper or doing research on philanthropy in the Balkans? You'll easily find all the necessary information here in one place.


Maybe you are a citizen who just wants to take a look at how the organization you are donating to spends its resources? Sign up and take a peek into the data.


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Explore philanthropy with us.
Dive into the data now.