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What is Giving Balkans?

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Giving Balkans is a first-of-its-kind database on philanthropy in the Western Balkans.


By creating an open community and a sustainable philanthropic ecosystem, we want to multiply the good done by donors and nonprofits.


We have been recording all individual, mass, corporate, private foundation and diaspora donations over the past 4 years, and now we are sharing the data with you.


Here, in one place, you can find spreadsheets and visualized reports on giving that will help you plan and make decisions.

Want to learn more about the Giving Balkans database?
Whether you are raising funds or donating them, or simply want to know more about philanthropy in the region, this is the tool for you.

Be a part of the community

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Giving Balkans contains the data on giving in the Western Balkans starting from January 2015 until today. That is over 25,000 different donations. But the story of philanthropy doesn’t end there. Enter the data about the donation your organization made or received and make your work even more visible!


Take a look at our daily selection of the most inspiring stories about giving in the Balkans.

Opportunities to give

Find and get involved with important projects and emergencies that need immediate support.


Read our weekly tips, success stories and best practices for the nonprofit sector.