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Whether you belong to a group of young people or you are someone who supports them - it is very likely that you have already heard of "Oblakoder" magazine. On their Facebook page, they describe their work as "the values ​​of traditional journalism with an innovative approach in the digital framework." However, that is not quite enough to present the texts that their audience has been enjoying for four years.

This online magazine first empowers young people and promotes their creativity, and the topics they deal with are dedicated to art, culture and social issues. "Oblakoder" often reveals young non-established artists and deals with youth issues, while at the same time shedding light on the problems of marginalized groups.

In 2022, the team behind this independent media decided to turn its annual publication into a printed issue - and in order to raise the necessary funds, they turned to the community in March and found great support through the platform.

To present their experience with crowdfunding and learn the benefits of this form of funding from their point of view, we discussed the success of "Oblakoder's" campaign with longtime members of that team. In the first interview for the platform, find out from the author and editor of the Lift section Snežana Pajkić and art director and designer Olga Đelošević how "Oblakoder" launched its second print edition through crowdfunding and how the community supported them more than they expected.

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On Thursday, January 27, at the How NGOs Can Show Transparency and Gain Trust event, we talked about three tools that make it easier to show responsibility to the community more effectively. We presented information on the importance of transparent work through available resources with which organizations can gain greater trust and proactively exercise their influence in society.

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The nonprofit organization Civic Initiative was founded in 1996, when a group of prominent activists recognized the need to create a social, civic base that supports democratic change by teaching citizens about their rights, democracy and civil society.

Today, Civic Initiatives are guided by fairness, responsibility and activism in their work, and conduct their activities through two programs: the Civil Society Capacity Building Program and the Public Policy Program.

This organization based in Belgrade recently won a blue badge that confirms their complete transparency on, which is why we talked to Dragoslav Barzut, manager of the Public Policy Program of Civic Initiatives. In a new interview, Dragoslava told us more about transparency in the nonprofit sector, their connection to the community and the benefits of the platform.

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It is quite possible that you only recently heard about "Somborske šnajderke" during the Belgrade Fashion Week - or maybe this is the first time you meet their story. In any case, at the very beginning, this association could present itself as a team of five women, beneficiaries of the safe house, who gained self-confidence and began to search for their identity in social entrepreneurship.

This is how “Somborske šnajderke” was created - a women's social enterprise focused on integrating women and children, victims of domestic violence back into society, which directly employs victims in the production of bedding, souvenirs, toys… They invest the excess of their income in support of women, immediately after leaving the service of safe houses.

In addition to their activities, “Somborske šnajderke” organized their first fashion show this year, and the funds raised were directed to training for the work of 10 women throughout Serbia. The campaign on the platform helped them in that, which provided the necessary support.

The team of hard-working women also proved that they do their business responsibly, which was confirmed on In our new interview, which followed the blue badge of complete transparency, they gave us an insight into their activities, goals, and programs. Find out more about it from Tamara Savović, one of the founders of “Somborske šnajderke”.

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