A devastating earthquake of 7.8 on the Richter scale claimed over 36,000 lives in Turkey and Syria. The number of injured was huge, and tens of thousands were left homeless. Whole places are in ruins, and people lack food, shelter, and water.

In the first hours after the catastrophic earthquake, the Serbian Philanthropic Forum launched an action to help the injured citizens of Syria and Turkey. More than 40,000 euros have been collected so far. The Elixir Foundation was among the first to join the donation.

The Elixir Group founded the Elixir Foundation. This company is one of the largest donors regarding solidarity in Serbia and wherever there is a need for help. Thus, in 2020, Elixir helped procure ventilators and other equipment for the fight against covid in hospitals in Belgrade with 30 million dinars. The same donation was provided for Šabac and Negotin. Elixir donated 30 million dinars to earthquake victims in Croatia, 1 million euros to support the city of Negotin, and 100,000 euros to help the people of Ukraine.

After the devastating earthquake and the tragedy it caused, Elixir Group decided to donate half a million dollars to the affected citizens of Syria.

The infrastructure development for the distribution of aid to the injured citizens of Syria is underway. The Elixir Group, like the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, will strive to ensure that all help reaches those who need it most. For this donation, the plan is to procure the most needed food and medicines.

"The Elixir Group has decided to focus aid on Syria, as the affected area is more difficult to reach for aid." We are trying to make the best plan for procuring what we received as a list of urgent needs in a way that could reach the victims fastest," - said Stanko Popović, founder of the Elixir Group.

"The donation of the Elixir Group is for everyone's respect. I am convinced that other companies will also find ways to get involved in actions of solidarity and humanity for the victims in Turkey and Syria.

I believe that the Government of Serbia will find a way to support the transport of the goods that will be purchased, but also for all the goods that companies will donate from Serbia, which are also looking for a way to deliver aid," said the executive director of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, Veran Matić.

The Serbian Philanthropic Forum collects donations via giro account 340-11016593-88 or online payments via the Donacije.rs platform.