The institute is part of the children’s hospital in Skopje and the money will be used to improve the intensive care department with new equipment for treating patients with pulmonary dysplasia and cystic fibrosis.

The generous donation came both directly from the company, but also through a special fundraising event. Part of the money was raised at the birthday party of Olga Kostovska, who is the president of the supervisory board at Eurolink. Instead of gifts, Ms Kostovska’s guests were asked to donate and in return they received drawings from children who are treated at the hospital. The event raised a total of EUR 10,000, while the additional EUR 20,000 came from the company.

The money is intended for the purchase of much needed equipment: respirators, incubators, syringe pumps and other devices needed to make the intensive care department fully functional:

“Unfortunately the intensive care at the moment is only semi-intensive, as it does not have the necessary equipment. By purchasing these devices we will be able to have at least two fully equipped beds”, said Dr Andonovski, director of the hospital.

Eurolink is a company well known in Skopje for their social impact. Previous initiatives included providing scholarships for law students, donating funds to the Museum of Contemporary Art and one student dorm. This time, a great fundraising event helped their program of corporate social responsibility go even further in making a positive change in society.