Across the region, most charitable donations are directed at the mitigation of the negative effects of COVID-19.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis to 30 November 2020, individuals and companies from the Western Balkans countries donated over 65.5 million Euros to mitigate the negative effects of COVID-19, according to our research on charitable donations.

However, the support is still needed, and citizens, nonprofits, and companies continue to provide to it their communities.

Read on and find out more about the different charitable acts in the fight against COVID-19 you might have missed this week.

Donation from Novi Pazar for Clinical Center Kragujevac

A few days ago, the NP Volunteers association delivered humanitarian aid to the Kragujevac Clinical Centre. With this gesture, they wanted to show gratitude for the support citizens and doctors from the central parts of Šumadija district provided to Novi Pazar since the beginning of the pandemic.

The donation included several truckloads of fruit, water, lemonade, protective suits, face shields, and other food.

The NP Volunteers association was founded after the COVID-19 pandemic began. During June and July, when Novi Pazar and Sandžak region became one of the hotspots, they volunteered their time to support people at the General Hospital by carrying heavy oxygen tanks and assisting COVID-19 patients.

These boys and girls put on protective suits, entered the red zone of Novi Pazar hospital, and put themselves at 24h-disposal of medical workers and patients hospitalized in the COVID-19 Center Novi Pazar.

Rotary Club donates medical equipment to the Kotor General Hospital

A few days ago, the members of the Rotary Club Kotor donated 1,700 dollars’ worth of medical equipment to the Kotor General Hospital.

The donation included a fingertip pulse oximeter, CPAP machine complete with masks.

The Hospital Director Dr. Davor Kumborović received the donation on the hospital’s behalf and thanked the donors for selflessly providing support for their community, once again, despite the complexity of the current epidemiological situation.

Mozzart continues to support the health care workers

Following an earlier 10,000 KM donation, Mozzart provided financial aid and vitamin packages for doctors, nurses, and technicians working at the University Hospital in Foča, who work tirelessly to provide proper care to their patients and contain the spread of COVID-19.

To this day, the company donated a total of 112,000 KM to hospitals across BH.

Erste Bank donates 200,000 kuna to the Zadar General Hospital

Erste Bank donated 200,000 kuna to the Zadar General Hospital for the procurement of necessary medical equipment, to assist them in treating COVID-19 patients.

According to the hospital representatives, the donation will enable them to provide better quality care to patients, equip the COVID-19 wards, and to fight COVID-19 more effectively.

Donation for a hospital in Split

A construction company from Split, SPEGRA, donated a high-flow nasal cannula to a hospital in their city. The system allows the patient with a severe form of COVID-19 infection and respiratory problems to receive more oxygen than with typical oxygen therapy.

Zahvaljujući ovim uređajima može se u značajnom broju najtežih slučajeva COVID-a izbeći invazivna respiratorna terapija, tj. respirator.

In turn, that helps many of these patients to avoid more invasive forms of respiratory therapy i.e. ventilators.

SPEGRA representatives shared they were happy to help the community where they live and work and that they hope the device will prove useful.

If you also want to support your community in the fight against COVID-19, we suggest you donate online to or by sending an SMS to 7300.