Different actors in the philanthropic community often come together in joint humanitarian actions to respond to a need in their community or bring various positive changes to it. 

These can be combined by companies and citizens, business and non-profit sectors, sporting events, initiatives of individuals, and other various forms of philanthropic effort that show how important it is to work together to achieve a good goal. 

One good example is the campaign "Follow the sunflower" by Dijamant, and for the second year in a row, they support people with Down syndrome. An important factor in this campaign is the citizens who, by purchasing one of the 1.7 million bottles of Dijamant Oil with a label drawn by people with Down syndrome, are helping this action because one dinar is set aside for this campaign for every bottle sold. 

You can find some examples of similar actions you can support at the link. Below, you can find more inspiring stories of joint efforts for the common good that you can get involved in different ways across the Western Balkans. 

Telekom Montenegro doubles citizens' donations 

On Earth Day, April 22, Crnogorski Telekom launched a significant donor initiative to green the Gorica park-forest, devastated last year in a large fire. Thus, all postpaid and prepaid users of Telekom can donate 1 euro through the Telekom ME application, and Telekom doubles each donation. The money raised will go to seedlings for Gorica, while users who decide to donate will receive 1,000 points that they can use to activate numerous benefits in the Reward Program. 

This initiative aims to work together to reduce the harmful effects on nature and create a healthier and greener environment for all, reports from Telecom. 

You can find more details about this, and other green initiatives Telecom is currently implementing at the link

Croatian brands for the citizens of Ukraine 

Jewelry brand from Croatia, Kraglica, and its consumers will support the citizens of war-torn Ukraine. During March, they set aside 10 kn from each product sold to help the citizens of Ukraine. 

The team behind the brand Pure Love Design had a similar opinion. They decided to donate the entire proceeds from the sale of cups with the symbol of peace in the colors of the Ukrainian flag to support the endangered in Ukraine. Purchase your mug today and support this humanitarian initiative. 

The support act was also launched by the jewelry brand, Borboleta in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists. This action aims to raise funds for the purchase of medicines and medical products for the victims in Ukraine. On that occasion, men's and women's bracelets with symbols of heart and peace in the colors of the Ukrainian flag were designed, and all proceeds will be donated to a dedicated account of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Chamber to support the citizens of Ukraine. 

We call on everyone, like Croatian pharmacists, to support this humanitarian and humanitarian action. I want to emphasize this component of the human because there is no nobler and more humane act than saving human life, and we are doing just that with these activities. Each of us contributes to the protection and preservation of the most valuable through donations; the health and life of people in these difficult circumstances, said Ana Soldo, President of the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists. 

Campaign #BeautifulInside on the importance of mental health 

Another action in which the business, non-profit sector, and citizens united in charity come from Croatia. 

BIPA Croatia and the association "how are you?" continue to cooperate in the campaign #BeautifulInside on the importance of mental health. This year, as part of the #BeautifulInside campaign, humanitarian action was launched to support the work of the association "how are you?" and its users. By purchasing a bag or notebook #BeautifulInside in any BIPA branch throughout Croatia, BIPA will donate 10 kn from each item sold to the association "how are you?" And thus help it continue to assist its customers throughout the year. This year's campaign will focus on current topics important for all ages' mental health, such as stress at work, body shaming, cyberbullying, and family relationships. 

#Beautifulinside project was launched in March 2021. In the first year of cooperation, the association, with the help of funds donated by BIPA and media support, actively encouraged users to seek help during the pandemic and earthquake. 

BIPA Croatia has also launched professional training for its employees on coping with stress during the pandemic and after the earthquake, which will continue this year. Educational materials are being prepared, and a humanitarian action from which the collected funds will also be donated to the association "how are you?". Also, thematic pieces of training for employees of BIPA branches will be organized in cooperation with the association throughout Croatia. 

Humanitarian Easter Auction 

Educational system Creative pen, in cooperation with the Parents' Association, organized the Humanitarian Easter Auction 2022 and invited all organizations, companies, and individuals who could join because we can do more together. 

At the Easter workshops, the participants of the Creative Pen carefully painted wooden eggs with the desire to help their friends from socially endangered families with their contribution, and their unique artistic works will be the subject of an auction. 

The auction was held in a public and quiet form in the ambiance of the Creative Pen, and the funds raised were intended to help the most socially and economically endangered families. 

The Easter auction was supported by the humanitarian organization Nađi Raula from Niš and joined by the Art School Niš and the Center for Social Services Mara Niš for children and youth with disabilities. All participants with love and desire to help families painted wooden eggs that also participated in this year's charity competition. 

The income collected at last year's humanitarian online silent auction was directed towards the humanitarian project Kolevka for Stara Planina, organized by the humanitarian organization Kolevka

Kids and employees in Montenegrin kindergarten draw for the Be Human Foundation 

Last week, children from the kindergarten "Ljubica Popovic" in Podgorica, their educators, and parents participated in a significant humanitarian action under the slogan "Let all children be healthy," in which 6,724 euros were collected for children - users of the Be Humane Foundation. 

With a lot of will and enthusiasm, the youngest learned how important it is to help others. The action was organized on April 7 in all educational units, and it was preceded by several days of work and labor of children, who, with the help of educators, did artworks. 

According to the Public Institution "Ljubica Popović," this humanitarian action aimed to develop empathy in children and show them the true values ​​from an early age. As this is not their first action to help those in need, it will not be the last, but they announce that in the coming period, together with children and parents, they will make every effort to spread true values. 

The humanitarian tournament in Northern Macedonia to support the endangered 

MZT Skopje Airport and Foundation "Marko Bozinovski" are organizing a humanitarian tournament from April 13 to 17, where all the income from the tickets sold is intended to support the most endangered. 

In that way, our club, together with the municipality of Aerodrom, will again pay tribute to our incredible fan and cadet and junior handball representative of Macedonia, who passed away unexpectedly ten months ago. The prices are symbolic but enough to collect a solid total amount from the entire tournament, which will help those who need it. The club also announced that people from the Marko Bozinovski Foundation would redirect the collected amount

The action of the Budva Riviera Handball Club for the treatment of the boy Fedja 

That the humanitarian work works successfully with a sports spirit is also confirmed by the Budva Riviera Handball Club. The club organized a humanitarian match with the RK Sutjeska team - to raise funds for the treatment of boy Fedja Alkovic. It is necessary to provide the amount of 300,000 euros as soon as possible. 

Admission will be free, but donor boxes will be set up, and it is an appeal to all good people, our neighbors, and people who have the desire to come and help and support young life, they said from the club. 

Take health into your own hands, and allow all children to jump! 

Another example of the activities carried out by various actors in the philanthropic community is the project Take health into your own hands, enable all children to jump!, which was carried out in partnership by AbelaPharm and Natasa Kovacevic Foundation, with the support of citizens. 

The goal was to provide children with dynamic prostheses who lost their legs due to injury or illness. From December 1, 2021, to April 1, 2022, for every box of BiVits ACTIVA vitamins and minerals sold, AbelaPharm donated part of the funds to this humanitarian fund. At the end of the action, 1,447,860 dinars were collected, and the check was solemnly handed over to the Foundation at a conference organized on Tuesday, April 12, in Belgrade. 

It is wonderful to find a good partner, so the action itself will be doubly useful, as it was in this case. People bought BiVits ACTIVA vitamins and minerals, strengthened their health, and at the same time did something nice for all children who need dentures. I want to thank AbelaPharm for recognizing the importance of this project and actively participating in its realization, said Natasa Kovacevic on this occasion. 

Online shopping and donations for the common good 

Kosovo online shopping platform joy.gjirafamall.com offers to anyone who wants to donate when ordering items. With each purchase, you can choose the socially responsible action or organization you wish to support and donate the amount of your choice. 

Action for children with autism in Albania 

Credins Bank Albania has supported a project implemented by the Club of Parents of Children with Autism to develop their artistic talents. All citizens who want to support the action can donate online for a fundraising campaign on the platform smile.al. For all information and support, visit the link

We hope that today's stories will motivate you to start an action for the common good, or get involved in an existing one, because only together can we bring real, sound, and positive changes to our community.