The pupils of one 8th grade class from the school Ratko Pavlovic Cicko from Prokuplje raised money by selling homemade preserves at a local market. The money was meant to cover the class trip costs for 2 of their classmates.

Preserves, jams, pickles and ajvar – mainly prepared by mothers and grandmothers, while the children were in charge of sales. They also sold second-hand clothes as well as homemade pies provided by the headteacher Milka Tosic.

“In the class which I am the headteacher of most students come from families from a weaker economic condition, that is 17 of them get free textbooks. A bigger problem occurs when these children, all excellent students, want to go on the class trip, but their parents simply cannot afford it”, said Tosic.

The student earned a total of EUR 78 (RSD 9,250), while the school will add the remaining EUR 25 (RSD 3,000) which will cover the trip costs for the twins Stevan and Sofija.

The students from Prokuplje are not the only children who have recently taught us all a lesson in solidarity and good-doing. This was recently done by students form a school in Sarajevo who donated GPS bracelets for children with disabilities, boys from Nis who sold juice to help their friend get an operation, as well as young volunteers during the 72 Hours without Compromise initiative, who have joined in various activities for the improvement of local communities all over Croatia.