From 2013, when Catalyst Balkans started monitoring and recording philanthropic activities in Kosovo, until 2021, we recorded more than 2,000 different donations and contributions for the common good, of which over 500 were intended for the non-profit sector.

Over the years, support to the non-profit sector has taken a significant place in donations for the common good, and in 2021 it reached the highest level, both when it comes to the amount donated and when we talk about the number of charitable actions.

Thus, more than 1,680,000 euros were donated to support non-profit organizations in 2021 through 295 giving actions.

Who are the donors?

The most active type of donors were individuals who initiated about half of all philanthropic actions. Regarding the recorded amount, the most significant donor was the business sector, which donated 63.2% of the total amount.

Most often, individuals donated to support the reduction of poverty through the work of non-profit organizations, while the most significant part of the recorded amount when it came to the business sector was intended for social entrepreneurship. This was mostly influenced by a donation of one million euros, which in 2021 completely changed the image of philanthropy in Kosovo. It is a donation from the Frutex company to the Golden Eagle Foundation, thanks to which a social enterprise was opened - a paper and packaging factory that will employ people with disabilities.

Regarding donations from citizens through mass donations, the largest part was intended to support people with health problems.

How do non-profit organizations in Kosovo get support?

The most significant number of donations was collected through various campaigns, while the largest share of the recorded sum is made up of direct donations.

One example of a successful campaign is the Labinot Tahiri Foundation's campaign, within which more than 100,000 euros were collected to treat two people injured in the explosion of a gas cylinder in Ferizaj.

A significant number of donations were also collected through the crowdfunding platform Kosovaideas - in 2021, more than 36,000 euros were collected through this platform to implement seven projects.

One of the campaigns was also led by Foundation 17, and thanks to the collected 15,000 euros, it opened a new gallery (Gallery 17) to draw attention to social problems and contribute to the art scene in Pristina.

An example of a successful campaign is the new private music school in the municipality of Djakovica called In Tune, which was opened thanks to the support of donors via the Kosovaideas platform, who donated for the purchase of necessary equipment and materials.

Which organizations and foundations do the community support most often?

The most significant number of charitable actions was directed to domestic non-profit organizations (88.5%), while the largest percentage of the recorded amount was donated to private foundations (81.2%).

Some organizations and foundations that received the most support in 2021 are Balkan's Orphans, Bereqeti, Down Syndrome Kosovo, Majka Devet Jugovića, Labinot Tahiri, Avni Hyseni, Golden Eagle, and SOS Children's Village Kosovo foundations.

Who does Kosovo support through the work of non-profit organizations?

When we look at the end users of donations, we will see that the most supported group of users are economically vulnerable people (51.5%), people with disabilities (13.6%), and people with health problems (12.2%).

One of the examples of successful actions to support people with health problems is the Avni Hyseni Foundation's campaign to treat a person suffering from heart disease, during which more than 32 thousand euros were collected with the support of the diaspora and local donors.

One example of benefits for the socially and economically vulnerable is the humanitarian marathon, which was organized in Pristina by the organization Projekti 5 Cent and the Red Cross of Kosovo. Thanks to the event, 700 packages were provided for socially and economically disadvantaged families.

Another example is the seasonal action carried out by the donor Shaip Mikulovci, owner of the Interex supermarket chain and the Berequeti association, which provided 300 food packages for people in need during Ramadan.

How does Kosovo donate to non-profit organizations?

In Kosovo (as well as most of the region), one-time donations have dominated over strategic ones for some time. The same is true in the case of giving to non-profit organizations - as many as 77.3% of support actions were one-time, mainly for the provision of consumer goods and medical treatments.

However, thanks to the donation of the Frutex company for opening a new factory, strategic donations generated the largest part of the donated amount in 2021.

For detailed information on donations to support non-profit organizations in Kosovo, download our infographic Kosovo giving to civil society in 2021. For a detailed insight into the state of philanthropy in Kosovo, our report Giving Kosovo 2021.

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