“You Are a Sunflower” is an awareness campaign for raising funds to support children who are affected by inborn blood diseases and who are being treated at the Pediatric Hematooncology Department of the Tirana University Hospital Center.

Everything started as an idea under the concept for cure of Albana Osmani. The desire to help improve the conditions where children are being cured and treated is the engine through which this campaign functions.

To ease the pain and the hard time these little ones face during their curing treatments, the “You Are a Sunflower” campaign fulfills its goal through the sale of the products created with lots of love and commitment.

The income collected will serve for the purchase of the respiratory apparatus, and new armchairs for chemo sessions. As these little ones take the necessary treatments, in these armchairs they will have a chance to watch cartoons through headsets, which will take them into their beautiful world, and this will serve for their emotional, psychological and physical ease.

Products created for the “You Are a Sunflower” campaign are T-shirts made of ecological cotton, recyclable and produced in level with European models and ISO standards. The T-shirts are decorated with a sunflower, a symbol of strength, hope and life.

All of those who want to be part of this campaign and help the children in their hard times, have the opportunity to do so by purchasing the products of this campaign through online shop: www.annawhitejames.com.