Academic painter and teacher at the Engineering- geodetic school Zehrina Karic, painted 14 murals at the Clinic for Child Diseases in Tuzla. High school student Mila Kosojevic holds creative workshops for children during treatment and ophthalmologist Bojan Kozomora offers free medical findings analysis and consultations.

Every one of us can help those who are around us – and often the only things that’s needed is a good idea and a bit of time.

Zehrina Karic used a whole 2 months of her spare time, to make the space where children are being treated nicer. The Child Disease Clinic of the Universtiy Clinical Center Tuzla was recently renovated thanks to Junuzovic Foundataion, and the painter found inspiration precisely in these freshly painted wall.

 “Following the humanitarian work of Junuzovic Foundation in organizing a fundraising dinner and other activities to renovate the Children’s clinic in Tuzla, and I was really thrilled. When I saw photos of the renovated clinic and fresh walls I got the idea of making my own charity contribution. I contacted Junuzovic Foundation who connected me with the head of the clinic Dr. Husaric and the adventure began – painting of the Children’s Clinic!”, said Zehrina.

The murals feature mostly characters from cartoons, as well as other beautiful motives, all meant to make the stay of children and their parents as carefree as possible.

The 3rd grade high school student Mila Kosojevic also decided to dedicated her time to children who are being treated. This girl spends her time with children at the Institute of physical medicine and rehabilitation Dr. Miroslav Zotovic. Mila brings handmade magnets, which the children then, with a little help from her, paint. Mila started the project as part of a special school subject.

 “The program in our school includes a subject abbreviated to KAS (creativity, activity, service). It is designed to allow us to focus on the creative and humanitarian side of ourselves, and nurture it. All students are supposed to develop a creative project which will reflect our personality and fulfil us, and so I chose to run this workshop, which is a combination of creative and humanitarian work. I am thankful to all the doctors at “Zotovic” since they helped with its realization”, said Mila.

Mila has developed and implemented her project with the help of Natasaa Vuksan, who runs similar therapeutic workshops for children with the most serious diseases and their parents at Parents’ House in Banjaluka.

She pointed out that the choice of working with children on a creative project like this was an excellent idea, considering that the fine art of painting the magnets, besides creative skills also helps improve focus and develop motor skills with children.

Another person from Banjaluka, Dr. Bojan Kozomara has decide to use both his time and expertise to help those around him. An ophthalmologist and owner of an eye clinic, he announced on social media that he was offering free analysis of medical findings for any person wanting a second opinion.

Bojan explained that in these situations people often turn to the internet, where it is not always possible to find accurate and reliable information. A number of people contacted him on the very first day and Bojan replied to everyone in a very short period of time. He also pointed out that due to an increased use of mobile phones and computers, and longer periods of looking at the screen, more and more people are having eye problems these days.