Violeta is a company with factories in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia that has just launched a campaign “Pomozimo zajedno!” (Let’s help together!) which will help families in need across the 2 countries by donating products worth EUR 76,000 (BAM 150,000).


As the holiday season approaches and the month of giving underway, Violeta’s management decided to help out families in need in the 2 countries of the region where they do business. Violeta has a regional presence in the market, and it is nice to see that they are looking at philanthropy from a wider perspective, and have a policy of giving that spreads across the region - this can be beneficial for a company because each country presents a different case and a learning experience that can improve their giving efforts in the future.

Although they have a regional approach, Violeta will have a different mechanism of giving in the 2 countries, in partnership with local organizations. As a part of the campaign, they will donate products to social supermarkets all over Croatia, and in cooperation with Caritas BiH, Merhamer BiH and Red Cross of RS, they will give products worth around EUR 50,000 to families in need around Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is a great practice that shows how a company can tailor its giving policy to the places of need and the type of donation to their area of production: Violeta is a producer of hygiene and sanitary products, so it makes sense that their donation didn’t come in the form of money but rather the products they make and stand behind: toiletries, napkins, wipes and diapers.

The “Pomozimo zajedno” campaign starts on December 10, 2017 and lasts until January 10, 2018, during which period you can take part in it by buying Violeta and Teta Violeta products.

The company has a history of socially responsible campaigns in the communities, such as organizing blood donation campaigns, helping large families in need, organizing youth integration programs and many others, all with the idea of giving back to the communities they grew from and were supported by.