Tamara Klarić and Bogdan Stevanović are two best friends who set out from Belgrade on October 30th, to Niš, the city which will get a hemato-oncology department in a children’s hospital, thanks to the good-willed people and campaigns such as this. The walk, and its title “Produži korak” (Extend your step) is a symbolic invitation for everyone to join NURDOR’s great cause and take a small step that will go a long way for children living with cancer.

Today is the third day of their walk, which will take 256,000 steps to complete, and is expected to end on November 6th in Niš. Tamara and Bogdan are greeting everyone who comes out to support them along the way: they are meeting many people along the way, and spreading the story about NURDOR’s campaign all around Serbia. They carry a flag with the SMS number for donations for the hospital, and are hoping to raise awareness about the cause - to help them, send a text to 1150 (price of the message is RSD 100, and you can send an unlimited number of texts), or donate to 170-30010715000-82 reference number: 12345, purpose of payment: “Produži korak”.

So far, they passed through Ripanj and Mladenovac, and along the route, they are stopping by in a different city every day to sleep and take a break. If you would like to say hello, and give them a warm hug, here’s where to find them: they will be in Smederevska Palanka on November 1st, and then in the following days they are stopping by in Svilajinac, Jagodina, Pojate and in Aleksinac on November 5th. Let’s show support and help the campaigners gather EUR 70,000, which is the amount necessary to finish the hospital department - join their journey and help the journeys of families affected with child cancer.

Source: http://blogdan.rs/