This joint initiative was launched in support of families in need across Macedonia. Their stories were broadcast on 1TV and Tinex provided them with shopping vouchers for their supermarket.a

The first recipient of this kind of support was the Osmani family. This family of 4 could only afford to live off bread, sugar and water for several days every month. This is why Tinex gave them monthly vouchers for purchasing food and hygiene products, to last them an entire year.

The story of this family which aired on 1TV helped raise awareness with the local authorities, and so shortly after the father Redzep was offered work at Butel municipality.

After that, 1TV and Tinex visited the home of Slobodan Dimitrievski - a single father of three, whose wife died of heart failure 4 years ago. The family lives in very difficult conditions, without a proper toilet and parts of the roof missing. The daughters have hardly any space where they can study, which is something their father would like to be able to provide for them.

Slobodan’s family received a voucher for all the supplies the family needs for 1 month from Tinex. However his story also moved one citizen in particular, who donated a TV set for the family. Like Mr Osmani, Slobodan is also looking for work. He pointed out that he would like to do any kind of manual labor, which would also allow him to spend time with his daughters.

Tinex and 1TV plan to help one socially vulnerable family every week. Of course, apart from the shopping vouchers which provide a tangible support to these families, telling their stories is of no small significance in animating the wider public as well as the authorities to improve their living conditions.