The end of the current pandemic is not yet in sight, and the news about the Covid-19 virus has become a part of our everyday life.

However, it is essential to talk about good causes that accompany the current crisis and respond to the needs of health institutions, artists and musicians, who also feel the consequences of the current situation.

Find out which social and corporate actions aimed at fighting the Covid-19 virus have taken place recently.

The Plan B Foundation helps regional pop and rock musicians

It is known that the musicians around here are united and in solidarity in difficult times was confirmed by establishing the "Plan B" foundation intended to help those significantly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic and who need help the most.

The Foundation was officially presented in Belgrade's "Kombank Hall". "Plan B" was founded by composer Zoran Konević, who has lived in Canada for a long time. The plan is to release an album with his compositions, in a joint edition of Tesla Music and Croatia Records, which, with the production of Voja Aralica, are performed by eminent musicians from Serbia and the region - Zvonimir Đukic Đule, Dragi Jelić, Dejan Cukić, Maja Sar, Dado Topić, Goran Šepa Gale, Alen Islamović, Tamara Todevska ...

Dragan Jovanović Krle, Srboljub Radivojević, Miroslav Vicko Milatović, Vlatko Stefanovski, Nikola Čuturilo Čutura and Aleksandra Milutinović also took part in the project. The direct reason for founding the foundation was to help drummer Predrag Bata Jakovljevic, who has a severe health problem.

The journalist promotion was led by the actor Aleksandar Radojicic. The first single, a song performed by Đule Van Gogh, Grain of Magic was presented alongside the video.

I am honored to be, together with other colleagues, a member of the "Plan B" foundation, Đule pointed out.

I am grateful to Zoran for recognizing my energy and my letter in the mosaic of his ideas. "Van Gogh" has been cooperating with Voja Aralica since 2006, and this is, so far, the best thing. Thanks to him for soundly coating this Grain of Magic with "magic" and allowing the sound to travel through the world from Belgrade and Serbia in a unique way. We live in a time when love is sick, and we have to heal it. It is enough for each of us to breathe our grain of magic, and I think that everything will go in the right direction.

The idea of ​​the foundation arose, however, according to Konević, even before the pandemic, and he adds that they wanted to use this period to establish something they could count on in the long run.

The desire is to help a large number of artists who need it. Thanks to Đule, the Grain of Magic came out spontaneously.

The director of "Croatia Records", Želimir Babogredac, pointed out that he was glad that such things were happening in our country as well, and not only in the world. Many people need help; I hope that we will realize it adequately. Babogredac believes and adds that "Croatia Records" and "Jugoton" will stand behind this project with all their hearts.

Album producer Voja Aralica points out that the work process was quite difficult due to complications with the pandemic: Maybe it was only worse during the plague. However, if we help only one person, we have succeeded.

Đule from "Van Gogh" put one of his first guitars up for auction

Funds to help musicians will be raised through the Foundation's "Plan B" website from October 1. There will be the possibility of direct cash payment, then choosing one of the gifts and offers, and auctions. Đule Van Gogh took the first step in that sense. He put one of his first guitars up for auction, and very soon, the first offer was heard - 500 EUR. Through the mentioned site, musicians can apply for help. Requests will be processed monthly and will be resolved by priority.

Thanks to Konević, the "Plan B" foundation became famous, so the congratulations of several world celebrities were shown via video beam - Bruce Culick, former guitarist of "Kiss", Dee Snyder ("Twisted Sister"), as well as the famous producer Bob Ezrin.

"Audio BM" donated 10 pulse oximeters JPD-500 E to the Health Center Vranje

Ten pulse oximeters of the JPD-500 E type were donated to the Vranje Health Center on Friday by the company Audio BM. ZC Director Saša Đorđević thanked the donors on behalf of the employees and patients.

Pulse oximeters will already be in use in our covid system today, said Djordjevic.

The value of the donation is 49,000 RSD (note: 400 EUR).

The company, "Audio BM" from Novi Sad, has previously provided socially beneficial activities to support those who need it, paying attention to the development of the level of health culture in Serbia.

Hospital beds donated to Bijeljina Hospital

The charity organization Zvornik-Tuzla "Trojerucica" with the Humanitarian Support Group of the village of Bare from Ticino, Switzerland, donated 26 hospital beds with mattresses to the Bijeljina hospital "Sveti vračevi", according to world medical standards, intended for equipping the Covid hospital.

Director of the hospital "Sveti Vračevi" Prof. Dr. Zlatko Maksimović thanked the priest Velislav Mišura, a representative of the charity organization "Trojerucica" and the organization of the Humanitarian Group for the support of the village of Bare from Ticino, which helped with the realization of this donation.

These are high-quality beds made according to the most modern standards, which will be used to accommodate patients in the Kovid hospital, whose number is unfortunately increasing, said Prof. Dr. Maksimović at the press conference. Regarding the epidemiological situation, Dr. Maksimović gave data that there are currently 22 patients in the Covid hospital. Five are on a respirator, and 14 of them are on oxygen therapy.

The priest Velislav Mišura stated that this is not the first donation and that there will undoubtedly be more in the future. "We will continue to work for the benefit of our people because that is our mission," Mišura pointed out.

The United States donated five more vehicles for health institutions in Serbia

As stated in the announcement, five new, equipped ambulances are on their way to health institutions in Serbia to efficiently respond to the coronary virus pandemic and be more ready to face health crises in the future.


Thus, the total number of ambulances provided by the United States for Serbia is 11. The donation was realized through a partnership between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) within the "Together Against COVID" initiative. In June, the US Ambassador to Serbia, Anthony F. Godfrey, presented the first six vehicles to Serbian Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar. The value of ambulances is around 525,000 dollars, which is part of a total of one million dollars worth of initiative that aims to support health and social care institutions in Serbia.

So far, the United States has provided around $ 5 million in assistance to Serbia in the fight against the coronavirus, as stated in the announcement. The new vehicles were sent to the health centers in Ljig, Merošina, Jagodina, and Veliko Gradište, as well as to the General Hospital in Loznica. The United States donated five more ambulances for health institutions in Serbia.

We desperately need an ambulance because a few ambulances burned down in a fire a month ago, and we had to borrow vehicles from the surrounding municipalities, said Milan Todorović, director of the General Hospital in Loznica.

Previous recipients of vehicles donated by the United States are health centers in Bogatić, Kraljevo, Vranje, and Svrljig, the General Hospital in Jagodina, and the Special Hospital for Nonspecific Lung Diseases in Sokobanja.

We are looking forward to the day when we will talk about this pandemic in the past tense and when there will no longer be COVID patients that these ambulances need to transport. Until then, people must understand to a greater extent how important it is to get vaccinated. The Government of Serbia knows that, and we will support their efforts to spread awareness about it, said Shanley Pinchotti, acting USAID Mission Director. The donation of ambulances is one of the activities within the project.

"Together against COVID", funded by USAID and implemented by UNDP, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, and the Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut."

The Covid crisis has shown that it knows no borders and how important it is to be in solidarity, help each other, and not forget the residents from smaller towns and municipalities in rural areas of the country. These ambulances are equipped to provide emergency medical care. We hope that they will contribute that all citizens who need it can quickly and safely reach health facilities, said Francine Pickup, UNDP Resident Representative in Serbia.

"Bosnalijek" donated disinfectants to institutions for children with developmental difficulties

The Bosnian-Herzegovinian drug manufacturer "Bosnalijek", on the occasion of marking the 70th anniversary of the company's founding, is implementing action of donating disinfectants to institutions for education and care of children with developmental disabilities throughout BiH.

Donations have so far been handed over to the Public Institution Center for Education and Rehabilitation of Listening and Speech Tuzla, Public Institution for the Education of Children with Mental and Physical Development Disorders Tuzla, Public Institution for Education, Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities in Psycho-Physical Development Zenica, JU Center for Children and Adults with Special Needs ZDK, JU Center for Children and Youth with Special Needs LOS ROSALES Mostar and Elementary School for Children with Special Needs Mostar.

General Manager Nedim Uzunović points out that since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, "Bosnalijek" has focused entirely on supplying medical institutions and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with all its products. Still, at the same time, maximum efforts are being made to help as many public educational institutions as possible. They are ensuring conditions for their smooth operation.

We have launched an action of donating our disinfection products to institutions for education and upbringing of the most vulnerable children throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, aware of the need for additional financial allocations to ensure compliance with epidemiological measures and health protection of users and their employees. In the past seven decades, "Bosnalijek" always had a strong connection with citizens whose trust in our products has enabled the growth and development of the company. Therefore, we will continue this and similar actions in the future, Uzunović points out.

"Bosnalijek", also since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, has been continuously donating medicines and protective equipment to health institutions throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the past year and a half, numerous donations have been delivered to all clinical centers and multiple hospitals and health centers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such actions will continue.

Concern for the well-being of the community is the responsibility of each of us. The pandemic has only highlighted the need to involve everyone in these types of activities. The actions organized in the region, which we had the opportunity to know in this text, are of immeasurable importance for the most endangered. Its organizers and supporters prove that the best reaction to urgent situations is solidarity.

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