The coronavirus pandemic has completely occupied our conversations, television reports, social networks, and lives in general. In the past two years, social exclusion, data on the number of patients, and campaigns calling for collective consciousness are just some of the everyday topics we face, so the Covid-19 virus became a new norm.

That is why we will focus on those who have contributed to the collective fight and helped their communities overcome the crisis more easily. Whether the support is provided through mass donations, humanitarian dinners, or direct support to health institutions, the benefactors you will meet in this text have indeed become new examples of solidarity in the region.

The Oleg Deripaska Foundation donated another PCR laboratory 

The Clinical Center of Montenegro has opened one of the most modern PCR laboratories donated by the Russian industrialist Oleg Deripaska, which will enable access to modern testing for thousands of patients. In addition to PCR analysis, whose capacity is about 500 samples in eight hours, high-tech laboratory equipment allows the diagnosis of cancer, HIV, and other diseases in the early stages.

In addition to medical devices, the Volnoe Delo Foundation also provided consumables necessary for laboratory operations, special protective equipment for employees, and disinfectants.

The opening of the laboratory was attended by Dr. sc. Med. Zoran Terzić, medical director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, prof. Dr. Filip Vukmirović, director of the Center for Pathology, Dr. Tonka Filimanović, molecular biologist, and Larisa Beljaeva represent the humanitarian foundation "Volnoe Delo" Oleg Deripaska.

We have a lot more to do before we can finally say that the COVID pandemic is behind us. The virus is mutating, creating new challenges for doctors, scientists, and governments around the world. We will most likely face at least two more waves of the disease. Until a solution to the crisis is found, we must make every effort to protect people. This is a global problem, and we need to work together to overcome it. I am honored to help the people of Montenegro - a country that means a lot to me and that can always count on my support, said Oleg Deripaska, founder of the Volnoe Delo Foundation.

Prof. Dr. Filip Vukmirović, director of the Center for Pathology of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, thanked Oleg Deripaska for the valuable donation, adding that it will improve and facilitate the work of employees in the fight against coronavirus: Until now, it was common practice to sample patients here at the Clinical Center, and that the analyzes are done at the Institute of Public Health. With the new laboratory and being able to perform an analysis for all our patients here at KCCG, we will also relieve the capacities of the Institute of Public Health. The first analysis we start with is the PCR analysis for coronavirus. The work processes on these devices are programmed and automated to the maximum extent, which reduces possible operating errors to a minimum. This laboratory also allows us to perform a wide range of other tests, including tests for HIV, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, Epstein-Barr virus, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, and many types of HPV and others.

Considering that the Center for Pathology of the Clinical Center of Montenegro is the base of the Faculty of Medicine in Podgorica, the commissioning of this laboratory will enable the scientists of this institution to participate in many scientific research projects.

Deripaska started his humanitarian work in 1998 and founded the "Volnoe Delo" Foundation. A total of 200 million euros is the value of the Foundation's previous donations aimed at education, science, culture, and regional development. A few years ago, Deripaska built a medical center in Guinea worth ten million dollars, which greatly contributed to the Ebola virus research and the creation of a vaccine against this disease. Part of the research team was a doctor who made Sputnik V, one of the coronavirus vaccines.

Generali Insurance Serbia – For our heroes

As a sign of gratitude and support to doctors, medical staff, and volunteers on the first line of defense against COVID-19, Generali Osiguranje Srbija joined the support program of the Government of the Republic of Serbia "For our heroes".

Through personalized cards "Our Hero", all those who are employed or volunteer in the COVID-19 system are provided with discounts and benefits when paying for goods and services with many companies and entrepreneurs participating in the program and given priority in exercising rights in state institutions, public companies, local governments, and social welfare institutions.

Generali Osiguranje Srbija will provide all "Our Hero" cardholders with:

• a free travel insurance policy with a one-year validity period of 15 days, a sum insured of EUR 30,000, and territorial coverage for the whole world without the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan

• 30 percent discount on travel insurance for all immediate family members (spouses and children)

• 30 percent discount on household insurance

• 20 percent discount on comprehensive insurance

• special discounts on all life insurance policies

Doctors, medical staff, and volunteers who have been engaged for more than a year on the first line of defense against the COVID-19 pandemic are heroes who deserve our respect, gratitude, and solidarity. We decided to show it to them in action, support the Government of the Republic of Serbia program, and enable all of them through various insurance programs for a safer future with fewer worries. We believe that our free travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage will allow them a well-deserved carefree vacation, said Natasa Marjanovic, a member of the executive board of Generali Osiguranje Srbija.

In 2020, Generali Osiguranje Srbija donated EUR 100,000 to the Vatreno oko laboratory and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, a disinfection tunnel to KBC Bežanijska kosa and an ECG device to KBC Zemun and Sabac General Hospital, thus demonstrating its readiness to support the work of health care institutions in Serbia. The support program "For Our Heroes" was initiated by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and is implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Government, the National Bank of Serbia, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and public institutions.

More than € 2,200 raised for the Covid department at a charity dinner in Mimosa

At the humanitarian dinner for Covid, the department of the Dubrovnik General Hospital, which took place on Friday in the Mimoza restaurant, 16,822 kunas was collected, or more than 2,200 EUR.

The dinner was prepared by well-known participants of the Dubrovnik edition of Dinner for 5, Ivana, Matej, Priscila and Zoran, and Karlotti, thus joining the fundraising initiated by the Association "Bog Pravda Poštenje" of Ana Obradović Skračić from Dubrovnik.

In addition to good food, those who attended the dinner in Mimosa had a good time, and many also used the delivery option and thus contributed to this action.

Candidates of the "Dinner for 5" show preparing for the humanitarian action

The mentioned Association recently conducted an action in which it called on the community to try out kundalini yoga and help the Covid department of the Dubrovnik General Hospital. Ana Vukas joined this humanitarian act to raise funds, and all those who responded could donate funds through donations boxes in the studio.

As everything in life is an exchange of energy, I think that in this way, we are making a big step forward, both for ourselves and others. And so we will all pour friendly energy to those who need it the most at the moment, said Vukas.

Valuable donation to the General Hospital in Bar

The director of Caritas Montenegro, Marko Đelović, handed over a donation from the Caritas network in Montenegro in the form of medical equipment to the General Hospital "Blažo Orlandić" in Bar, and the value of the equipment is EUR 12,385.

As announced by Caritas, the donated equipment includes ECG devices, infusion pumps, laryngoscopes, and pulse oximeters to enable better and better treatment for patients.

On behalf of the Caritas network, the donation was handed over by the director of Caritas Montenegro, Marko Đelović, and on behalf of the General Hospital in Bar, the donation was received by the director of the hospital, Dr. Igor Karišik. On this occasion, Đelović pointed out that donation is the sixth delivery of medical equipment to health institutions in Montenegro: We must act together and help each other in this challenging time imposed on us by the pandemic. He further emphasized that all health institutions in Montenegro and all medical workers work under great pressure and make superhuman efforts, so with such and similar donations, we can try to make their job easier to get a better approach to treatment.

The donation of valuable medical equipment was provided through the project of the Caritas network in Montenegro "Improvement of public health and reduction of the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic through the procurement of medical equipment for health care institutions in Montenegro." The project aims to support the health system in the fight against the pandemic by donating medical equipment to health centers in Montenegro. The value of the project is around 60,000 EUR, and the donors are the German charities Renovabis and BEGECA.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we live and put us in a challenging position. At the same time, she reminded us how important true values ​​are in society, such as solidarity, family, and mutual assistance. Only with their help can we get out of this situation as winners. In the following period, the Caritas network in Montenegro will further distribute the remaining medical equipment, Caritas announced.

Life insurance donated a respirator to a children's clinic in Skopje

Croatia Life Insurance donated a mechanical ventilation device - a respirator - to the Skopje Children's Hospital. It is a model of the latest generation with performance and technical specifications that meet the clinic's needs and its patients.

With this donation, Croatia Life Insurance directs its social responsibility to strengthen the capacity of this public health institution in which the most sensitive and most endangered cases are taken care of.

The time in which we live has created new challenges that we all face as a society. Therefore, the goal of our corporate social responsibility is to strengthen the capacity of healthcare institutions. Better care and providing better care, especially for the youngest patients, should be a shared responsibility, but the business sector can make the biggest contribution to that. That is why I believe that we are giving a part of that contribution with this donation, and we will help where it is most needed, said Maja Stankovska Kostova, General Manager of Croatia Life Insurance.

For the director of the Clinic for Children's Diseases, this donation primarily supports the medical staff and a significant improvement in patient care.

The clinic has top specialists dedicated to caring for patients. Still, despite all the work and attention, we invest every day, our work and care for small patients largely depend on equipment and medical devices. Equipment and medical devices are something that we always need, and that should follow new medical and technological trends. Therefore, this donation from Croatia Insurance for the Children's Clinic is precious, necessary, and even necessary given the time and conditions we live in, said Aspazija Sofijanova, director of the Clinic for Children's Diseases.

Bebe Rexha donated $ 10,000 to Velika Dibra Hospital in Northern Macedonia

Singer Bebe Rexha recently donated $ 10,000 (€ 8,500) to Velika Dibra Hospital and invited all her followers on social media to contribute.

As the mentioned hospital in Northern Macedonia did not have enough supplies to treat patients suffering from the COVID-19 virus, in recent days, this institution has been especially overcrowded with coronavirus patients. Singer Bibi Rex gave her contribution with a valuable donation and shared a fundraising campaign.

For all my Albanians and Dibrans, help. Please help with a donation. Every donation is significant, the artist Rexha wrote in her public invitation on Instagram. At the same time, the 32-year-old shared a link that leads directly to the Foundation opened on the GoFundMe page, where the income can be donated online to help the hospital.

In addition, the Dibra Social Organization raised money for Dibra Hospital, which urgently needed supplies and drugs needed to treat Covid-19 patients. Through a fundraising campaign, they raised $ 61,905 (€ 54,000) along with money donated by donors and Bebe Rexha, which responded to the GoFundMe call.

While the coronavirus pandemic is still taking place globally, it is easy to feel helpless. But no matter who you are or your situation, you can always make a difference because solidarity is essential in times of crisis - no matter how small or large our contribution may seem. That is why we invite you to look at the campaigns on the crowdfunding platform and support the humanitarian actions that are, for some, of crucial importance.