Regardless how much you can donate or how old you are – you can make a big difference and somebody will recognize it. NLB bank elected eight-year-old Elena Kadija, winner of the call “NLB Crtaj, štedi i pobijedi” organized in October 2017, for honorary member of their team for allocation of donations to the community, as a reflection of bank’s dedication to support charitable actions by individuals and promotion of philanthropic values.

Elena Kadija, pupil of elementary school Lovćenski partizanski odred at Cetinje, has won last year drawing competition, in category of pupils age 8 to 14, organized on occasion of World Savings Day. For the best work she was awarded with 200 EUR cash prize and she decided to donate prize money to Sofija Sušić, four-year-old girl from Nikšić to help her to obtain needed medical interventions and treatments.

Sofija is diagnosed with rare genetic disease that effects brain development – lissencephaly, and in addition she suffers from West Syndrome which is the hardest form of epilepsy. This donation, among many others, enabled her to raise needed money and continue her fight for life and health.

Although young, Elena has shown understanding of importance helping others and NLB bank demonstrated recognition of community role in tailoring their CSR strategy.