Seven high school students and 19 elementary school students signed scholarship agreements on 18th September in the Municipality of Ilijaš. This is just one of many initiatives which the foundation has run in support of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the past 12 years.

The scholarships which are meant to support students from underprivileged backgrounds are about EUR 50 (KM 100) a month for elementary school students and about EUR 75 (KM 150) for high school students. The students are selected based on the average monthly income per family member, as well as their school record. An especially positive aspect of the scholarships in this respect is a bonus available to all students who improve their performance at school within the 12 months of the duration of the scholarship.

Hastor Foundation was started 12 years ago, and is tied to the company Prevent, one of the biggest private companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over 10 years the foundation runs different projects aimed at supporting children and young leaders: scholarships for school and university students, travels and participation in different events, as well as special programs for acquiring skills which are high in demand in certain sectors. This year the foundation will give out over 2000 scholarships.

The foundation also aims to stay in contact with students who have previously received scholarships, and assist them in further professional development. This why monthly meetings are held in Sarajevo, in order to share experiences and knowledge, create professional networks and further improve the work of the foundation. The last gathering of this kind took place on 9th September.

Apart from education, Hastor Foundation also supports the development of sports, culture and the arts, which was why in August 2018, at Sarajevo Film Festival, the founder Nijaz Hastor received the Honorary heart of Sarajevo Award (Počasno srce Sarajeva), for his support of the festival and contribution to developing the cinematic industry in this region.