On May 3, The association Project Happiness has officially started a campaign called Hello, Champions. This campaign is dedicated to children between 7 and 18 years old, living at social risk and in economic need. The goal was to raise funds in order to provide them with sports equipment and free membership fees in sport clubs, both for amateurs and professionals.

On May 3, the association Project Happiness started their campaign Hello, Champions gathering people willing to contribute for a good cause. In their intention to help young people in need, they organized two events - a marathon which took place on May 6, in Skopje, preceded by a charity dinner and party called Pasta Party. During this dinner, the participants would buy a voucher for one portion of pasta at the price of EUR 2 (MKD 100), and all the contributions were directed to the project, giving the total oF EUR 1.400 (MKD 84.600).

Even though the campaign is finished, those who need this kind of support can still register for it. You can do it until the May 25, by sending an email to zdravoshampioni@gmail.com or through schools and sport clubs. After the registration is closed, all the contributions donated during the Pasta Party will be distributed to youth in need for sports equipment and fees in sport clubs.