Here's an opportunity to make a real impact and a big difference in someone's life: the only day center for children and youth with behavioral problems in Belgrade is facing a possible shutdown. International Aid Network’s Telecentar has been running a day center for kids at risk for 20 years, helping over 500 individuals and their families to deal with times of crisis.

This organization believes that young people who go through behavioral problems shouldn’t be judged and ostracized, but instead shown support and given a new opportunity to start their lives and go back to the right track. All of this can be done only with continuous support and availability of the experts and psychological advisors that work with these kids multiple times per week. Due to the end of their project financing approaching, the day center is in danger of closing, which would be an unsurmountable obstacle to getting help to reenter society for these kids and their families.

Help these people continue their mission of providing a second chance and a kind treatment to those in need, and donate to their day center here.