Philanthropy Festival is taking place from 24th till 28th october, and is organized by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. The idea behind the festival is to use different events to spread awareness on the importance of solidarity, and help strenghten philanthropy and the culture of giving. 

At the opening of the festival the most recent result of the campaign National Giving Day (Nacionalni dan davanja) will be presented. Just as a reminder, this campaign is raising funds for the purchase of a state of the art device for improving the programs at Petnica Research Center.

After that, the festival will include 2 volunteering activities on the 25th and 27th October. During the first, volunteers in both cities talked to passers-by about the last time when they did something good. As a reward for this, citizens would get one book, and will be asked to share their memory in the Book of good deeds. The second initiative will bring together volunteers in the Novi Sad kindergarten Mrvica, at which time they will help paint one of the rooms there. 

Two round table discussions will also be part of the festival. The first one, to be held on Friday 26th October at Media Center in Belgrade will address philanthropy from the diaspora. This event will also be an opportunity to present results from the newest research conducted in the diaspora of 83 countries. At the same day, the second panel will be held in Novi Sad, and the topic will be corporate giving for the greater good. 

The festival will be concluded with the walking tour entitled "The path of Legacies". Everyone is welcome to attend the tours which will act as a very special lesson about places and events in Belgrade in Novi Sad, which are important for the history of philanthropy, as well as those people who worked towards changing our society for the better. 

A detailed program of events, as well as application forms to take part may be found here

Join in, and help our society become a community of philanthropists.