Blažo Sredanović, an engineer from Montenegro, who has spent most of his life in the USA, has recently made a donation of EUR 30,000 to six socially vulnerable families living in his hometown of Cetinje.

Blažo is well known across Montenegro, but especially in Cetinje, as he tries to stay in touch with the community, and has also previously helped people who live there - last year he gave EUR 10,000 to one family in need and also supported three young musicians at the start of their career.

This year, the six families each received EUR 5,000, during a ceremony held in Matica Crnogorska on 8th September. As Blažo himself could not attend the ceremony, his nephew Srđan Čović, acted on his behalf and presented the donations to the families.

Blažo’s friend, publicist Marko Špadijer helped select families to receive donations, by talking to responsible public authorities and people from the community and compiling a list. Marko pointed out that neither he, nor Blažo know any of the families personally, and that the decision was made based on the level of need.

“We all need more social warmth and social solidarity as there are many families who require understanding and support. Above all, we need good, caring people who have a big heart and are ready to help others, without asking for anything in return.”, said Špadijer.