The regional Ombudsman Dr. Zoran Pavlovic presented the organization with a Plaque for Extraordinary Contribution to the Protection and Improvement of Human Rights, and the first fundraising evening organized by NURDOR in Zrenjanin raised over EUR 84,611 (RSD 1,000,000) for the opening of a new parents’ house in Belgrade.

“Yesterday was a great day for NURDOR. The regional Ombudsman presented our organization with a grand recognition – the Plaque for Extraordinary Contribution to the Protection and Improvement of Human Rights. We are always happy to see our work recognized by institutions in Serbia and people responsible for sensitizing the community to the topic of malign illnesses at children, and the importance of support”, it was stated from NURDOR. They also reminded of the organization’s greatest success this year -the opening of a hemato-oncology hospital for children in Nis.

And in Zrenjanin, at Hotel Vojvodina, the first fundraising evening was held on 22nd November. The money was raised for opening a new parents’ house in Belgrade. These provide lodgings for children and their parents during treatment in Belgrade, if they don’t live there.

This kind of support is extremely important – for children who are provided with a safe and comfortable place to stay at during their treatment, as well as for parents who don’t have to worry about finding and paying for accommodation in Belgrade. As the existing houses are filled up, the need for another accommodation facility is quite evident – a venture which requires some EUR 500,000.

 “NURDOR has been in existence for 15 years already, but tonight is the first time we’re organizing a fundraising dinner. I am particularly glad it’s being held in Zrenjanin, as I was born here. So big thanks to my city for that. We’ve had a particularly good response, much better than expected. Tonight is all about supporting our little-big superheroes, who are facing the most difficult moments in life and have the toughest opponent. Thank you to all the donors, volunteers, citizens and companies for helping us organize this evening”, said Joland Korora, President of NURDOR.

The evening was also attended by many celebrities, who spoke about the significance of NURDOR as well as the need for all citizens to join in and support their work.