The line cloting entitled “We Celebrate Life” (“Slavimo život”) was envisioned as a unique way of supporting women with breast cancer, as the income from selling 7 dresses from this line was meant for the purchase of medical device at the oncology department of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro.

The young fashion designer’s first independent fashion show was held in Podgorica, on 27th October, as part of the XX Xiamo Fashion Conncection event, organized by Modaine Models. This was an opportunity for him to present his new line entitled “We Celbrate Life”.

The money made through selling 7 dresses, one of each of the 7 segments of the collection, was intended for providing some form of support for women with breast cancer. The initiative met great public support, some of the dresses had been sold before the show, and at the end of the event, it was announced that a total of EUR 2,000 was raised. This money will, in cooperation with the organization Healthy Donna Montegrina (Zdrava Donna Montenegrina) be transferred onto the Clinical Centre of Montenegro.

“I wondered if maybe I ought to help one particular person, but I soon realized that the greatest benefit would be to use the money raised to purchase a medical device which the oncology department requires the most at that moment, so my goal was to help the greatest number of women possible”, said the designer.

The idea for his creations, Lazar got from a personal example – that of his aunt Ljubinka, who is undergoing breast cancer treatment for the first time. Ljubinka herself made an appearance on the runway, wearing one of the new creations. Of course, it is especially significant that the show was held at the end of October – International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Lazar also added that the success of this project has also inspired him to continue to do good, and that he will aim to organize a show at least once a year which will support a good cause.