Director of ING-Invest Veselin Radulovic presented the reconstruction plan on 7th November, for the Center for Genetics and Immunology

Experts in various fields can make a big contribution to the development of society, by sharing their knowledge and skills. This happened recently in Bosnia, when members of the Chefs Association decided to start training volunteers and employees at, so that the food which this humanitarian organization provides for socially vulnerable citizens would be prepared according to HACCP food safety system.

In Montenegro, architectural bureau ING-Invest from Podgorica had a similar idea. They decided to donate a reconstruction plan to the Clinical center, worth EUR 8,500. Apart from the significant financial value of the project, its purpose is also very important, as the Clinical Center of Montenegro is the only institution in this country which provides genetic and immunology diagnostics.

“The Center was founded in 2000, and represents an important segment of our institution, meant form contemporary diagnostics of genetic and disorders of the immune system”, the Clinic stated.

As per the reports form this institution, about 11,000 patients each year receives genetic diagnoses, including prenatal diagnoses, which are key with high risk of hereditary diseases.

The adaptation of the space will help improve the conditions at the center and ensure a service of much higher quality for the citizens.