Association “Here’s a Hand” (Evo ruka) is organizing the 5th anniversary of its inclusion center Meeting Place (Mesto susreta) on 4th October, and the celebration will also be an opportunity to support the work of the center.

The celebration will be held in Zemun, where visitors will get to know more about the work of the center which has served as a meeting place for children with disabilities and their parents since 2013. During the celebration, guests can support the center by donating and also by purchasing artworks by artists who collaborate with the center and children’s works. And in case you still haven’t stocked up your pantry for the winter, you can also support the center by buying the association's delicious homemade relishes!

Additionally, you can confirm your attendance at the charity dinner which will be held in Event center Glamour in Zemun.

Inclusion center Meeting place is one of the most ambitious projects of the association which supports children and young people with disabilities and their families. Over the past 5 years it has hosted people who wish to contribute to the development of inclusion and an inclusive community, which also means coaching users of the center and their families and economic empowerment of people with difficulties finding employment. The center has so far held over 500 workshops and meetings, while future projects include creating a lodging for all parents who visit the center from outside Belgrade and projects related to enabling those who have used the center as children for independent life and engaging with the community.

Donations can also be made to the account of the association number 205-168077-63. For any other information, and to confirm attendance you can write to