The support for the struggle against COVID-19 remains the dominant subject when it comes to philanthropy and donations.  

In our weekly news review on giving, find out about the last few days’ actions and good deeds in support of the fight against the COVID-19 in the last few days.

A donation for the Užice hospital

ES komerc, a company from Prijepolje, has donated goods worth 313 thousand dinars to the Užice Healthcare Center in order to provide aid to COVID-19 patients and the medical staff of the hospital.

In these trying times, a humane gesture is what matters, and the owners of this company have shown this countless times, said the Užice HC director Miloš Božović on this occasion.

A donation for a hospital in Varaždin

The poor epidemiological picture and continuous increases in numbers of the infected in the Varaždin county encouraged the Vindija group to donate a ventilator to the Varaždin General Hospital.

Besides this, Vindija had provided donations in kind to the Varaždin hospital, as well as the County Hospital in Čakovec, which has also been treating large numbers of patients during the pandemic.

Alma Ras company donates to COVID hospital patients

The company Alma Ras has donated 150 pajamas, valued at 4,500 KM to the patients of the COVID ward of the Prim. dr. Abdulah Nakaš General Hospital.

In the name of the patients, Samira Hajdarević, the director’s assistant for economy and finance, had thanked Alma Ras for their gift.

20,000 protective masks donated to the Ilidža municipality

The company Dolfarm d.o.o. had donated 20,000 single-use protective masks to the Ilidža municipality.

The Civil Protection Service of the Ilidža municipality will distribute the masks to the Ilidža Health Center, family medicine offices, the police, and citizens.

Also, the company ITR d.o.o. had donated to the municipality 150 liters of disinfectant. This chemical, intended for disinfection of public spaces, walkways and surfaces in public buildings, can be dissolved to produce a final product amounting to 150,000 liters.

Another donation came from the Blažuj association of people with disabilities, which had provided 120 handmade visors.

4,000 protective masks for elementary school students of the Čair municipality

The pharmaceutical company Zigin had donated 4,000 protective masks for the students of elementary schools in the Čair municipality.

As a sign of gratitude for the donation, the mayor Visar Ganu had awarded the company owner Blagoje Mehandžiski a plaque with the likeness of Mother Teresa for humanitarian efforts.

Tineks donates protective suits to the Skopje Cardiology Clinic

The company Tineks had donated 555 protective suits to the COVID center operating at the University Clinic for Cardiology in Skopje. The donation is valued 100,000 denars.

Tineks continues to care about our healthcare workers and public healthcare institutions at the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus, says the company.

We would like to remind you that you can support your community in the fight against the coronavirus yourself, online by donating to or by texting 7300.

Nonprofit organizations from Serbia with an idea on how to help those endangered by the COVID-19 pandemic can sign up for their own crowdfunding campaigns on at any time.