During the last year, the fight against COVID-19 has been the most prominent topic when it comes to philanthropy and donations.

This subject has also been the focus of giving by the diaspora. In 2020, according to our research presented at the Divac Foundation's online panel, the diaspora donated 1.95 million dollars for the fight against the pandemic. This makes 46% of the total USD 4.25 million donated from the diaspora.

The support to healthcare and the vulnerable groups across the region is still sorely needed. The diaspora and companies, organizations, and citizens of the region continue to support their communities in the fight against COVID-19.

In today's weekly review of the news on giving, read all about the donations which have marked the past several days.

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The diaspora donates a CT scanner and x-ray machine to Tutin Clinic

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Diaspora in Turkey has donated over EUR 800,000 to the clinic in Tutin. The last donation, consisting of a CT scanner and a digital x-ray machine, is worth over EUR 300,000.

We were all willing to help our hometown and the folks from our area. We are all happy and pleased to be able to complete this project. This will be useful not just to our municipality but to the whole region as well, said diaspora coordinator Sead Ademović for the RTS on this occasion.

Novak Đoković Foundation donates to the hospital in Smederevo

Aiming to provide additional support to covid patients' treatment, Novak Đoković Foundation has granted over 3 million dinars' worth of equipment to the isolation ward of the "Sveti Luka "General Hospital in Smederevo.

The ward was provided with 14 electric hospital beds, 7 oxygen flowmeters with wall-mounted air moisturizers, a 12-channel ECG machine, and a wheeled stretcher for patient transportation.

A donation worth RSD 300,000 to the COVID hospital in Priboj

Es Komerc from Prijepolje has donated 300,000 dinars' worth of organic food products to the Priboj COVID hospital to support its medical staff.

We are aware of the gravity of the situation and the pressure we are all under. This is our way of giving support and providing our organic products to the staff and patients of the COVID hospital – said Es Komerc general director Dženan Jusović.

A donation by the Forever Friends Foundation

Iva Babović, president of the Forever Friends Foundation, has recently awarded gift vouchers to one hundred doctors employed in the "red zone" of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases in Belgrade and the COVID hospital in Batajnica.

The vouchers for shopping in the Fashion Company stores are the last of the many humanitarian actions undertaken by the foundation to support the medical staff and healthcare systems of Serbia and Montenegro. In 2020, they had donated 100,000 euros to the National Health Insurance Fund and 20,000 euros for the purchase of ventilators to the Montenegro Red Cross.

They have also recently given gift packages to the children of the employees working in the COVID hospital at the University Hospital Center Dr. Dragiša Mišović, care packages for newborn babies at the Požarevac General Hospital, as well as hospital equipment, protective masks, and gifts to the Berane General Hospital.

The caterer donates KM 100,000 for the purchase of vaccines

Renowned Sarajevo caterer Sejo Brajlović will be donating KM 100,000 for the purchase of vaccines.

These vaccines are vital to all the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is why I decided to donate KM 100,000 for the purchase of vaccines to the Ilidža municipality. I hope the municipal authority will manage to obtain the vaccines through the higher government levels as soon as possible. Every municipality has its successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, and I hope they will follow my lead and do the same in their communities, said Sejo Brajlović.

Besides this, since the beginning of the pandemic, the caterer has donated KM 10,000 each to the Ilidža Clinic and the Ilidža Police Administration.

If you want to support your community in the fight against the coronavirus, we remind you that you can do it by online donation at covid19.donations.rs, or by sending a text to the number 7300.