The support in the struggle against the effects of the coronavirus is still going strong. Throughout the region, citizens, companies, and organizations continue to help their communities through donations, volunteering, and humanitarian actions. This Friday, we have selected six stories about the last few days' acts of good from the region.

Novi Pazar volunteers helping Covid hospitals

Volunteers from Novi Pazar have been involved with the city's healthcare centers for months, providing help to patients and doctors. Every day, they hand out refreshing drinks to the medical personnel and patients.

Daily, up to 250 bottles of water and lemonade are distributed at the Novi Pazar General Hospital.

Volunteers 020 announce that they will be available to all the citizens and medical staff as long as it is needed.

A donation from the members of a humanitarian Viber group to the healthcare institutions of Čačak and Ivanjica

The Viber group Good Samaritan ("Dobri Samarjanin"), which gathers around 200 members, has donated to the Clinic and the General Hospital in Čačak, as well as the Clinic in Ivanjica.

The donation consists of 150 bedsheets, 50 for the Ivanjica Clinic and 100 for the Čačak General Hospital. It also includes masks, visors and protective suits for the Čačak Clinic. The donation will be of great use to the patients currently receiving treatment at these facilities.

The Viber group has so far succeeded in numerous actions aiming to support those in need of help.

Meridian's valuable donation to the Mother and Child Health Institute

Employees of the company Meridian have visited the Mother and Child Health Institute. In gratitude for a year-long fight against the pandemic, they have granted this institution the necessary medical equipment that helps track their young patients' medical conditions.

Meridian has helped 70 institutions and donated multiple hundreds of millions of dinars in funds and medical equipment since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

A hospital granted beds worth 300 thousand kunas

In order to provide comfortable in-patient treatment, the Zadar General Hospital was given 16 new hospital beds for the COVID-19 ward.

We are talking about a donation from the business sector, amounting to 300,000 kunas. Once more, they recognized the need for us to act together in the fight against the pandemic and showed responsiveness to healthcare institutions' needs. The beds were donated by the Erste bank as well as another business entity. We thank the donors and the Zadar county for their support – said Željko Čuljina, Director of the Zadar General Hospital.

BBI bank donates 100 thousand KM to healthcare institutions fighting against COVID-19

Bosna Bank International d.d. has donated 100,000 KM to healthcare institutions throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina to support the fight against the coronavirus. BBI bank stated that they wish to help citizens in these challenging times.

With these donations, we support healthcare institutions in obtaining the necessary medication and medical equipment to fight against the coronavirus. We also express our gratitude and support for the enormous efforts of the healthcare workers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina who work day and night, struggling for our fellow citizens' lives – says the statement of the BBI bank. They have also invited other businesses and institutions to support healthcare workers and the entire healthcare system of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A donation to the Lung Disease Hospital in Brezovik

The Meridian betting franchise has gifted manometers for the central oxygen supply of the Dr. Jovan Bulajić Lung Disease Hospital in Brezovik. This donation was awarded to the Brezovik hospital with the aim of supporting the fight against COVID-19 and it will help optimize the way the hospital administers therapeutic oxygen to its patients.

Meridian has supported the struggle of Montenegro's healthcare system's against COVID-19 in the past. For their efforts, they were awarded a letter of commendation from the Clinic in Rožaje.