Throughout almost the entire 2020, the fight against the effects of COVID-19 has been the cause that received the largest number of donations.

That is why our last weekly news overview regarding donations in the region is also dedicated to giving for the fight against COVID-19.

In it, you can read about how donors supported their communities in the fight against the negative effects of COVID-19 in the last week of 2020.

UniCredit Bank Serbia donated EUR 30,000 to the National Health Insurance Fund

On behalf of its clients, employees and on its own behalf, UniCredit Bank Serbia decided to donate EUR 30,000 in RSD equivalent to the National Health Insurance Fund, from the funds traditionally intended for holiday presents and festivities.

This donation will enable the National Health Insurance Fund to purchase equipment and materials necessary for the medical treatment of patients suffering from COVID-19.

In early April, UniCredit Bank Serbia donated EUR 50,000 in RSD equivalent to the National Health Insurance Fund, later also joining the UNICEF initiative organized for the purchase of oxygen flowmeters for the Clinical Center of Serbia.

Mozzart supported Batajnica hospital with donations of vitamin packages to healthcare professionals

Mozzart donated fruit packages to the recently opened COVID hospital in Batajnica, aiming to make the everyday work easier for doctors and other staff.

This initiative has been conducted in 40 hospitals and COVID centers across the country, whereby 75 tons of fruit were distributed. It this way, Mozzart wanted to thank all medical professionals.

In 2020, Mozzart supported the healthcare system also by donating funds for the purchase of ventilators, providing financial donations to healthcare institutions and purchasing necessary hospital equipment.

Imlek donations for COVID patients and doctors

Imlek donated several tons of milk to clinical centers and general hospitals across Serbia.

Namely, several tons of Moja Kravica long life milk was donated to the clinical centers of Serbia, Niš, and Vojvodina, while donations were also sent to the general hospitals in Vršac and Valjevo, to the newly opened COVID hospital in Kruševac, and to the Special Hospital for Internal Diseases in Mladenovac. Furthermore, Imlek provided support in other countries of the region in which it operates, donating goods and funds for the purchase of medical equipment to healthcare institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

Earlier this year, Imlek donated funds for the purchase of seven ventilators and made donations in goods to all COVID hospitals, as well as to foster care institutions, the Red Cross, and the Food Bank.

Donation for Split hospital

The COVID Department at the Clinical Hospital Center Split received four new high flow oxygen devices and two vital signs monitors in the total value of around HRK 210,000.

The donations were jointly provided by the School of Medicine and Rotary Club in Split, in cooperation with the construction company Strabag d.o.o. and Car Center Vrdoljak d.o.o.

This donation should make doctors’ jobs easier and help taking care of a vast number of patients for whom this type of treatment is crucial.

Podravka donations to Koprivnica General Hospital

Podravka made valuable donations to the General Hospital in Koprivnica, providing a total of HRK 635,000.

The company donated a ventilator and five high flow oxygen devices which are used to treat patients with serious lung failures caused by COVID-19.

Previously, Podravka had donated funds for the purchase of incubators, beds and closets for the hospital’s pediatric day care ward, also financing the redesign of the ward with the help of the interior design agency Brigada.

’Nikola Jančev’ Foundation donates for a new COVID hospital

With the support of Mitko Jančev, President of the Municipality of Kavadarci, and Kožuvčanka company from Kavadarci, ’Nikola Jančev’ Foundation donated MKD 1 million to the hospital in Kavadarci. The money will be used for the purchase of an oxygen station in the new COVID-19 modular hospital in Kavadarci, whose construction is to be finalized in two or three weeks.

We would like to remind you that you can support the fight against COVID-19 by making online donations to some of the campaigns launched at or by sending an SMS to 7300.