Children's Drop-in Shelter Belgrade was visited by Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation employees on 5th October. With them they brought along 500kg of food for school meals, which will be given to school children who spend time at the shelter. 

The Children's Shelter has existed since 2007, and is one of two in Belgrade run by Center for Youth Integration (Centar za integraciju mladih). It gives children who live and/or work in the streets of Belgrade a place where they can satisfy basic food and hygiene needs, get help with schoolwork, support for obtaining personal documentation (for the entire family), as well as take part in various creative, educational and recreational activities. 

Apart from being a safe place where children can come every day, the work of the Shelter is extremely important in term of its continuous support for children during their growth and development. The long-term mission of the Shelter is getting children off the streets, helping them enroll in school or continue their studies, providing them with practical skills though an informal education, as well as the prevention and protection of children against neglection and abuse. 

Hemofarm Foundation has marked its 25th anniversary this year. Over a quarter of a century the foundation has supported different socially relevant causes. The areas in which the foundation has been active include healthcare, education, culture, support to marginalized groups and environmental protection. During this time the foundation has run over 2,000 worth EUR 12,000,000.