The first inclusive children’s playground in Banjaluka is now open in the Obilićevo neighborhood. This is an important step for the community, which will make possible for children with developmental disabilities to interact with their peers and participate in outdoor games more easily than before. The playground was built thanks to a donation from Hemofarm Banjaluka.

This playground is only the first of many new ones in Banjaluka: five have already been built in a cooperation of the City Council and socially responsible companies, and a dozen more are in different stages of construction throughout the city - but Hemofarm wanted to make this one accessible to every child. All of the toys and facilities are safe for use and fun for toddlers. The value of Hemofarm’s donation was around EUR25,500 (BAM50.000).

Biljana Marković, the CEO of Hemofarm Banjaluka said that it is their desire for children to learn to accept and respect differences from the earliest age, because children learn, grow and discover the world they live in through playing with each other.