Super Bake (Super Grannies) is an initiative aimed at helping senior ladies in retirement get their own self-sustainable cake shop where they can share their recipes, bake tasty cakes, spend time with people, and get extra income.

Grandmas are everyone’s favorite people, right?

Now, imagine having a warm place where you can eat great traditional granny’s cakes and sweets and at the same time support a great social enterprise project. If you support Super Bake in the next 5 days, that place will come to life in spring of 2018.

(BTW, “Bake” means Grannies in Serbian, what a great pun!)

They have only a bit left to fundraise until reaching their USD 5,000 goal. The money will be used to furnish a kitchen for them and create a perfect environment to enrich their social life, provide them with additional income, and make those with a sweet tooth happy.

Join this community project now at their Indiegogo page and get one of the amazing perks for your donation!