Donating big amounts of money individually is rare. But, a mother whose child was operated in the Institute for Health Protection of Mother and Child of Serbia, fifteen years ago, managed to do so. She was collecting money for years and donated EUR 1,700 (RSD 200,000) to Child’s Heart, the foundation that raises funds for the Institute.

“Parents of our little patients often want to thank us by donating to foundation. Then, we use that money to buy the equipment for the Institute. This lady came and donated money to thank me for operating her child fifteen years ago. She wanted to stay anonymous but I do know that she works as a cleaning lady and she was saving money for years so she could donate”, said doctor Mila Stajević, the head of the cardiothoracic surgery department and a member of board of directors at the foundation Child’s Heart; she finds this gesture really touching.

At the beginning of June, the Foundation organised a charity exhibition where five young painters made portraits of visitors who could decide on price and buy the paintings. Funds raised from sold paintings were donated to Child’s Heart foundation. The anonymous lady arrived to this event only to donate EUR 1.700 (RSD 200.000) to the foundation.