Together with the company Frutex, the foundation launched a campaign on 13th October to raise funds for the scholarships. By allocating 5 Cents from each Relax fruit juice sold, Frutex is expecting to raise a total of EUR 72,000.

The foundation is part of Frutex, a company which produces non-alcoholic beverages (including the energy drink Golden Eagle and Relax fruit juices). This is the second time the scholarships will be given out, as the previous campaign of this kind supported students in the academic year 2015/2016. During a two-month long campaign Frutex raised a total of EUR 90,000, and 100 scholarships were awarded to students from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Presevo Valley in Serbia.

This time, students from Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, from both private and public universities are eligible to apply. The students will receive a  monthly scholarship of 80 EUR. The deadline for applications is 20th November, and the application form can be found here.

As Lendrit Palushi, a founding member of the foundation has stressed out, priority will be given to students with disabilities, those coming from difficult economic conditions and students without parents.