Every day, between 80 and 100 children visit Svratiše (Drop-in Shelter) on both locations in Belgrade (Serbia) – to eat, change their clothes and do their homework. The winter is here and children who live and work on the streets need warm clothes and shoes.

Those 2 shelters are important, but they’re just not enough. The number of children in need is much higher than the number of children who can visit one of those locations.

"Our experience shows that the number of children coming to the Shelter doesn’t go down. Belgrade definitely needs two more shelters", says Jasna Bratičević from Svratište.

Children coming to the shelter are between 5 and 15 years old, while the most of them are between 8 and 12. Those are the sizes they need. It is important that clothes and shoes are clean and wearable, but there is no need for dry cleaning.

Beside clothes and shoes, Svratište also needs food for breakfast, milk and dairy products, sweets, school supplies and hygiene products. You can deliver any of those goods eithor to 7a Krfska Street or 145 Arseniije Čarnoević Boulevard.