Community card basically functions as any other loyalty card, that is it bring certain advantages to the buyer, but also helps raise funds for particular good causes. In order to carry this program out successfully within local communities, Ana and Vlade Divac foundation has announced a call for applications for nonprofits to become partner organizations for this project.

Introduction of community cards is part of project of Improving the Framework for Giving, which is financed by USAID, and implemented by the Coalition for Giving (Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, along with Trag Foundation, Catalyst Balkans, SMART Collective, Serbian Philanthropy Forum, Forum for Responsible Business and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce).

What is the community card development program?

Community card is a type of loyalty card with all its characteristics and benefits to the buyer. However, it is also a way of raising funds for the local community. Every time the card owner makes a purchase in stores which are part of the program, a percentage of the receipt goes directly into the Community Fund (Fond za zajednicu), and a part of the money is given back to the buyer in the form of a discount. A separate Community Fund will be created in each of the five chose municipalities/cities, allowing card owners to donate without any additional costs to themselves. Funds raised in this way will be used to support projects for improving the local community, which means each card owner will be directly involved in creating a better environment. Card owners will also vote on which projects they want to be supported.

In order to implement this models successfully within local communities, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation is inviting 5 nonprofit organizations to take part in the program. The selected organizations will become local partners and carry out the project in their community. They will also be in charge of creating partnerships with local businesses, promoting community cards on a local level, coordination and selection of projects which will be supported with the funds raised, as well as the administration and implementation of these projects and any other activities related to the functioning of these cards within the local community.

Who is eligible to apply and what is the deadline?

The call is open to any registered organization or foundation which has been active for at least two years (meaning they have filed financial reports for 2016 and 2017), and which have experience working with the local community and administration of smaller grants.

The deadline to apply for the program is 17th December 2018 at midnight.

Information on participation criteria, as well as details on what participation in the program entails can be found here.

How to apply?

Applications are made by submitting the application documents (a filled out application form and additional documentation), via online form. The application form can also be downloaded here.

The organizations and foundations which are selected for the next round will attend an interview, and for more information feel free to contact either Jelena Rakic or Zeljko Mitkovski at 011/3341755 or via email at or