The jackets were given to the Day Center for children on the street - Shuto Orizari and the shelter for homeless people Vizbegovo.

With a few cold November days behind us, and even more of them to come - dairy company Helath (Млекара Здравје) company’s donation is well timed. Their initiative entitled Health in Your Hand (Здравје во твои раце) brought jackets to homeless people who use the shelter Vizbegovo (времениот објект за лица со поддржано живеење - Визбегово) to keep them warm throughout the winter.

The other recipient, Daily center Shuto Orizari (Дневен Центар за деца на улица - Шуто Оризари) is run by the Association for the Protection of Rights of the Child (Здружението за заштита на правата на детето). This organization has been established in 1998 and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Through several activities, the organization works on protecting and improving the rights of children in Macedonia. This also means working directly with families, mostly from marginalized groups, in order to improve the rights and status of children within the community itself.

One of their biggest projects, the Day center, was started in 2006 and is meant to provide children who work or live on the street a place to stay and spend some quality time by taking part in several educational and entertaining workshops and activities. In this facility, children can also get food and warm clothes.

“We constantly monitor the needs of citizens who need support. We are continuously contributing and giving unreserved support to initiatives that have a humanitarian character, this time, through the donation of winter jackets”, stated the company’s representatives.