The classroom is part of the pediatric clinic at the University of Sarajevo Clinical Center (KCUS), and is meant for children who are being treated there and are therefore unable to attend school.

Sometimes very long periods of treatment and recovery also mean long absence from school, making it very difficult for children to catch up with the workload once they leave the hospital. This is why having a classroom in the hospital is very important, as it will also help children with their schoolwork after their treatment is over.

The company Comtrade has launched this initiative together with the Ministry of education, science and youth in the Canton of Sarajevo. The presentation of the equipment was attended by Education Minister Elvir Kazazović, principle of the elementary school Vrhbosna Erzumana Fukelj, project coordinator Marija Božić Tičić, director of Comtradea Adnan Subašić and KCUS representatives.

The electronic classroom is equipped with 8 tablets with keyboards, 1 teaching laptop and a charging station. All the devices came with Microsoft operating system and HP Classroom Manager application which aids the management of the teaching process.

As principle Fukelj noted, the contemporary approach to teaching which the equipment provides, means that each child will be able to follow lessons, to an extent which their health status allows.  

 “On this occasion we’d like to thank the management of the Pediatric clinic, as they have made another step further allowing children to be more actively involved in the teaching process. The teachers will use the e-classroom to provide educational support to children, in order for their time in hospital to be as painless, relaxed and interesting as possible. The teaching will take place in the classroom or the hospital room, depending on the health status of the child. It will be done individually or in smaller groups, which will help each student catch up with their regular school workload much quicker, after their treatment is over”, said minister Kazazović.

The training of teachers is scheduled to take place in the next period, and is meant to help them to better explain the possibilities of the e-classroom to children.