CEDIS (Electricity Distribution System of Montenegro (Crnogorski elektrodistributivni sistem) gave EUR 2,500 each to Zagorka Ivanović preschool in Cetinje and Vuko Jovović elementary school in  Danilovgrad.

Zagorka Ivanović, the oldest preschool in Montenegro will use this donation to replace 30-year-old windows and doors. The money in Vuko Jovović will be used for woodwork reparations in the school hallways.  

Over the past few years, CEDIS has set a good example of corporate social responsibility in Montenegro, primarily through supporting educational institutions. Earlier this year, the company has donated money to Njegoš elementary school and Slobodan Škerović high school (EUR 4,900 for the school’s 139th birthday).

Last year the Association of Employers of Montenegro (Unija poslodavaca Crne Gore) presented CEDIS with an award for corporate social responsibility, because of its support for various projects in the fields of healthcare, education, sports and culture. Marija Jovović, head of corporate communications at CEDIS explained the choice of the company to focus on supporting educational institutions:

“The people, in all their intellectual and creative potential, represent the strategic basis for the development of society, they are the bearers of knowledge, ideas and information. This is why we will continue to support the educational system in Montenegro in the coming period as well.”