Nelt Group together with the gallery G12HUB and Nova Iska creative hub is organizing a program for the 4th time, which will provide students with skills for their professional development. 

The one-year program is interdisciplinary in nature and aimed at students of different faculties, in order to help them prepare for careers once they have completed their studies. The idea behind the program is to allow students an alternative academic approach in different areas, including technology, science, art, communications and business. Learning in the program focuses on principles of cooperation, dialogue, exchange of experiences and bringing together different areas of knowledge. 

This uncommon type of corporate social responsibility, aimed at educating young people is run by three different companies/organizations with diverse foci. Nelt is a company which provides distribution and logistics solution, G12HUB a contemporary art gallery, and Nova Iskra the first creative hub in the Balkans, acting as an intermediary between the creative industry, technology and different companies. The diversity of their own experiences means that during the program the students have the opportunity to meet with people from very different areas and acquire a wide skill set - something which is extremely sought after in the contemporary labor market. 

Through a combination of mentoring, direct meetings with professionals, discussions, lectures and practical exercises and workshops the students will be able to learn, expand their networks and considerably enrichen their professional experience. 

All interested students may apply by filling out this online form, and the deadline is 20th October.