Here is a beautiful opportunity to help inspire and motivate someone using only your experience and a few minutes of your time: Clicking to your independence has announced a call for freelancers to share insights about working independently.

Clicking to your independence is an initiative that works to increase employability for 25 young people from SOS Children’s village in Sremska Kamenica, providing them with a free educational course in IT administration. However, the program doesn’t end there: after completing the course, they will get internships in companies participating in the project, where they will apply the acquired skills and knowledge in a real-life setting, along with having additional mentoring and guidance. After the entire project is realized, all the materials related to self-employment in the e-environment will be available to the public through an open online platform.

Right now, you can click-open your camera, and record a message to inspire the participants - tell them how freelancing changed your life and what do you most like about it! Think about yourself when you were just starting out, and help encourage these adolescents on their journey into freelancing and the ICT industry - your video will be posted on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the project.