Fond for Active Citizenship (Fond za aktivno građanstvo), in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Mongenegro and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Eruopean Integration, with the support fo Fonundation Ćano Koprivica, Rockafeller Brother Fund, Charles Stweard Mott Foudnation and European Commission. The Award will be presented in several categories, and application is open until 29th October.

Fund for Active Citizenship (Fond za aktivno građanstvo) is an organization which supports nonprofits, providing financial support as well as training and educational programs, aimed at encouraging citizens of Montenegro to help advance a positive change in society.

The aim of ISKRA Award is honoring companies, individuals, media, institutions, nonprofits and emigration societies which work towards the common good, by providing financial support. Also, by setting them as examples to others, the idea behind the award is encouraging the development of philanthropy and the culture of giving. 

ISKRA Award is presented in 4 main categories:

  • Contribution on a national level for companies which have a developed strategy of corporate giving;
  • Contribution to the local community for companies which have supported the development of local community through their material and/or nonmaterial investments;
  • Contribution of the diaspora for emigration societies which have supported the development of local communities in Montenegro through material and/or nonmaterial investments;
  • Individual contribution for individuals who have helped improve life of people in the community through their individual engagement (material donations, charitable activities, volunteering…).

Additionally, there are two special categories: Special recognition for media and Special recognition for civil contribution towards the common good.

The awards will be presented at the beginning of December in the Royal Theatre Zetski dom in Cetinje, and applications can be sent until 29th October.

Companies and media which operate in Montenegro, individuals from Montenegro and the diaspora, emigration societies and public institutions are eligible to apply. You can also check out who the winners were in 2017.

There is a specific application process for each category (who and how can apply). Detailed information can be found here.