Socially responsible companies throughout the region support their communities daily, respond to various needs and contribute to solving critical issues.

What is also crucial in this story is that the business sector mainly turns to long-term donations and projects of strategic importance to the community in which it operates.

To find out who, in what way, and to what extent the business sector supported in the Western Balkans from 2015 to today, visit our Giving Balkans application.

In the rest of the text, read about socially responsible actions through which companies in the region supported health, education, environmental protection, and the youngest members of their communities.

Donation of over one million denars to the Radiotherapy and Oncology Clinic in Skopje

The company Dm Drogerie Markt donated more than one million denars in medical equipment and devices to improve working conditions at the gynecology department of the JZU University Clinic for Radiotherapy and Oncology in Skopje, the company announced.

By purchasing two tables for gynecological examinations, two examination chairs, and a sterilizer for medical equipment, the company once again proved its commitment to creating better conditions for the care and maintenance of women's health.

Last year, DM donated more than 1.6 million denars to five gynecological-obstetrical clinics nationwide. Through these donations, the company supported mothers in labor, which also meant improving the conditions for newborns and women after giving birth., the company points out.

Telemach donated one hundred seedlings for the promenade in Herceg Novi

Part of Pet Danica Promenade in Herceg Novi received 100 new seedlings donated to the city by Telemach.

The planting was organized symbolically on March 21, the World Day of Forests, Trees, and Planting, in cooperation with the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the local Zelenila within the Communal Housing Company.

After Podgorica, Pljevlja, Bar, and Bijelo Polje, Herceg Novi is the fifth city Telemach donated seedlings to.

With over 1,100 seedlings, we made five cities in all three regions of Montenegro greener and more accessible for vacation.

We continue to partner with local communities with a concrete contribution and show, through our daily operations, how important it is to create preconditions for a greener future, said Slobodanka Nikolić, manager of the Telemach company's product development and communication sector, on this occasion.

The JYSK company presented a valuable donation to the Bubamara kindergarten

The international retail chain JYSK presented the kindergarten Bubamara, PU Poletarac from Nova Pazova, with a donation in the form of play equipment used to decorate the playrooms. The opening of a JYSK store in this neighborhood was also announced on this occasion.

Aware of our responsibility as a company, we always strive to help those who need it the most. By coming to Nova Pazova, in addition to creating new jobs, we want to contribute to the local community and improve the living conditions of children and other users in the kindergarten and brighten their days, pointed out Ivan Vančić, District Manager of JYSK.

Flex Credit is the largest corporate donor of SOS Children's Village for 2022

The Flex Credit company was recognized as the SOS Children's Village's largest corporate donor in North Macedonia for 2022.

Flex Creditlast year donated money that was intended for the company's birthday celebration to the SOS Children's Village, organized a junior picnic where the children of the company's employees socialized with children from the SOS Children's Village, participated as a sponsor of the humanitarian New Year's concert and distributed packages to all the children he cares for SOS Children's Village in North Macedonia.

The Flex Credit company says they want to encourage other companies to join such initiatives because this is the only way to create a society that functions as one family.

Joint campaign of Mastercard and SOS Children's Villages of BiH

The Mastercard company, in cooperation with the humanitarian organization SOS Children's Villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, implemented the campaign Friendship is Lasting, which was successfully completed at the end of February.

During the two months of the campaign, a 68% increase in the total number of donations was recorded, and with the help of Mastercard, the number of new donors, i.e., the number of first transactions, increased by 106% compared to the same period last year. Namely, to increase long-term donations, Mastercard put the key advantages of digital technologies and digital payments into the function of charity and philanthropy. During the promotional period, each first individual donation paid through the online platform was increased by the same amount.

Mastercard and the organization SOS Children's Villages of BiH, emphasize the importance of raising awareness about donations and providing continuous support to those who need help the most.

FOR THERE TO BE MORE FORESTS! To breathe better!

The yard of the Elementary School "Miodrag Milovanović Lune" in Karan is richer for more oak and ash seedlings. The organizer of the afforestation campaign is the SBB Foundation, which will plant around 1,300 saplings of maples, oaks, hornbeams, white ash, honeysuckle, and various fruits in several elementary schools in Serbia.

We invite all cities, municipalities, and organizations that can plant a thousand or more basket willows to apply to: to receive seedlings as a gift and thus contribute to their environment; it was stated in the announcement of the SBB Foundation.

By the way, the SBB company regularly organizes other actions, such as reforestation and improving cities and school grounds.

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