During the first two years of their existence, CEDIS (Montenegrin Electro Distribution System) has been donating money to different organizations and institutions that need financial support in order to advance. This year they gave EUR 30,000 to the Department of Gynaecology of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, to ensure better conditions for mothers and newborns.

“Thanks to this donation, we can finally afford to equip the department according to the baby friendly program which fulfills the world standards in the domain of obstetrics. Baby Friendly means that the mother can be beside her child all the time and she can know the state her child is in at any moment. More precisely, mothers will be able to breastfeed and be in contact with her child 24 hours a day after the birth, which is necessary for a healthy development of the newborn. Donations like this show interest and awareness to invest in care of the youngest and in the whole society”, said Zorica Kovačević, the head of the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

The Baby Friendly program is founded in 1991, by Unicef and World Health Organization. Its aim is to change the breastfeeding practice all over the world and to make the staying at maternity hospitals as pleasant as possible. The whole program consists of 10 different steps and rules such as feeding newborn babies only on mother’s milk, enabling skin on skin contact for mother and child, education of employees and mothers on importance of breastfeeding and uninterrupted contact with the baby.

Zoran Djukanovic, the executive director of CEDIS said: “With this donation, the Clinical center can have the Baby friendly program which is necessary for normal development of the youngest by establishing a healthy relationship between the mother and the child, thanks to constant contact and possibility to breastfeed as much as possible. CEDIS is looking forward to supporting similar projects in the future.”