Asim Latić from Velika Kladuša in Bosnia closed his restaurant for a greater cause - recognising the position refugees in Bosnia are in, he decides to re-orient his business towards providing freshly cooked meal for those who need it the most. Since February, he and his team cook and serve around 500 meals daily for refugees in Velika Kladuša.

As Asim says: “We want to help everyone. These people are coming from different parts of the world, some of them travel for years. They are on the edge with their patience, just as we were during the war. Every day, I sit and talk with them. I never had any problems.”

But, Asim is not alone in his mission. On the contrary, he has a team of helpers - friends willing to contribute for the good cause. “They are mostly war veterans from the war in Bosnia, unemployed, struggling to find a job and this gives the opportunity to work”, says Asim about his coworkers. This good - hearted team of people also volunteer. They don’t earn any money and they are supported only though donation on

Every day, between 11 AM and 4 PM, they serve few hundreds of meals, around 500 according to Asim. Thanks to them, refugees from Palestine, Syria, Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia and Pakistan get a freshly cooked food.

Even when they continue their travels, his customers contact him after reaching the final destination in France, Italy, Germany or elsewhere in EU, what Asim finds especially rewarding.