Shoe manufacturer Bema from Banja Luka donated shoes to the elementary school St Sava and Spark, Association of Children with Disabilities and their Parents (Udruženje dece sa smetnjama u razvoju i njihove roditelje Iskra).

On Friday, 28th September, the technical director of Bema, Marinko Umičević presented the 70 pairs of Bema shoes to children at the school and those who are part of Spark:

“We want to help parents now, at the beginning of the school year, when they have a lot of expenses regarding their children. In 15 years, Bema has given away 40,000 shoes”, said Umičević . Alongside Shoes, Bema also gave around EUR 357 (KM 700) to Spark for purchasing pellet for heating.

Headmistress of St Sava, Marina Ovuka, said that the 31 pairs of shoes will be given to children in the class of those from Mala Novoska Rujiška, as their families are in a difficult financial situation. President of Spark’s Assembly, Vladimir Mikić, also thanked Bema for their support.

During Children’s Week (1st do 7th October), Bema is planning to give away several pairs of shoes to kindergartens, schools and other institutions which work with children.

A few years back, the company also made international headlines when it gave away shoes to Chilean miners who had spent over two months trapped in a mine.