The star of New Orleans Pelicans announced that for every three points he scores on the field during matches played by Christmas, he would donate EUR 500 for the purchase of new house for the family of Radoslav Varga from Borovo village, located near Vukovar.

“In light of the upcoming Christmas holidays I would like to bring joy to those who most need it. This is exactly the reason why for each three points I score, I will donate 400 EUR which will be used to provide a new house for Radoslav, who is a single father”, Nikola wrote on his Twitter account on 28th November.

The initiative to help Radoslav was launched by the humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs (Srbi za Srbe ) on 17th November. Radoslav Varga lives in the village of Borovo, near Vukovar, with his 6 children. The family lives in a small, rundown house, without a bathroom. As Radoslav is off working for most of the day, the children are regularly left to look after themselves, and the living conditions make this even harder.

Talking to Radoslav and the representatives of Borovo Municipality member of the Serbs for Serbs decided that the most practical solution would be to buy some of the great number of houses on sale in the village, as their owners have left to live in big cities or abroad.

Nikola alone has already made a significant progress in the matter. At game played on 29th November against Washington Wizards, he scored a total of 3 three-pointers, meaning that over EUR 1,500 have been secured for the Varga family. Until the end of this initiative, that is 7th January, the Pelicans will play another 6 games, giving the athlete plenty of opportunity to demonstrate his sportsmanship as well as his kindness.

Good luck on the field, Nikola!